Anyone who saw the match today could not have easily decided to which the side the match would go to. Cut short by 5 overs, Bangladesh’s score of 120 looked a daunting task for India when Rohit Sharma got out early. But Virat Kohli, upon whose shoulder the outcome of the match hinged, did not at one moment seem to lose his composure. And top that with Dhawan’s deluge of boundaries against Bangladesh, the match took a different turn. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s captain who has won the ICC trophy for India, brought a cracking energy to the match. And with two sixes, the captain called off the match early. 
A brave attempt by Bangladesh to beat the five-time, now six-time, winners of the Asia Cup. Great Bowling by Taskin Ahmed and a greater spell of batting by Mahmudullah. It would be wrong to conclude that India was meant to win the match, Bangladesh registered a daunting task for India. Let’s hope the brave team is able to perform better in the upcoming ICC World CupT20.  
SIX! That’s the end for Bangladesh’s dreams. India has won the Asia Cup! 
FOUR! Dhoni seems to have come up fully motivated to win this for India. Or he was dead sure that India would win. 
SIX!  Expected of the Indian captain himself, that’s massive shot by Dhoni. 
* End of 13th Over: India 102/ 2. One wicket conceded in this over. 
OUT! We agreed that Taskin Ahmed was dangerous with the ball, and we were right. A far-flung shot from Dhawan, but that’s been caught out by Sarkar. Beautiful catch also. Dhawan gone for 60. 
* Taskim Ahmed’s over. Bangladesh needs to stop boundaries if they want to win this match. 
End of 12th Over: India 97/1. Three boundaries in this over (4,4,4) 
Four again! That’s good effort for Taskin to stop the ball, but the third umpire has caught him in contact with the rope. 
Boundary! That’s a four again from Virat Kohli. Seems like Virat will bring victory to India. 
Four! That’s close shave for Virat Kohli, but it has ultimately gone for four. 
* End of 11th Over: India 82/1. Two boundaries in this over. (4,4) 
Four again! Sweeping shot by Dhawan and it has missed the fielder. 
Four. That’s gone in the fielder’s hand, but he could not stop the ball from crossing the railing. Nice shot by Dhawan. 
* End of 10th Over: India 71/1. No boundaries in this over. 
* End of 9th Over: India 68/1. One boundary in this over from Dhawan. (6)  
SIX! That’s a beautiful shot by Dhawan. It has gone high and out of the boundary. 
* End of 8th Over: India 59/1. No boundaries in this over. 
* End of 7th Over: India 55/1. One boundary in this over. (4) 
Four! Mortaza to Kohli, and Kohli knows where he exactly wants that ball. 
* End of 6th Over: India 48/1. Three boundaries in this over also. (4,4,4) Looks like the game is sloping towards India’s side. 
Clever shot by Kohli. Straight between the fielders. That’s a four! 
* End of 5th Over: India 33/1. 3 boundaries in this over (4,4,4)  
FOUR! Edged to Dhawan’s bat for a boundary. 
That’s a fine shot by Virat Kohli. Too high for the fielder and that’s a four. 
Four by Dhawan! 
* India need 102 to win from 11 overs. 
* End of 4th Over: India 19/1. One boundary in this over. (4)
Four by Dhawan! 
* End of 3rd Over: India 12/1. Good over by Taskin Ahmed. 
* Virat Kohli is in for Rohit Sharma, all hopes hinges on him. 
* End of 2nd Over: India 8/1. 
OUT! That’s over for Rohit Sharma. Al-Amin Hossain has bowled on Rohit’s weak side. Caught by Sarkar, Rohit is out for 1. 
* End of 1st Over: India 5/0. One boundary in this over (4). 
Four! India registers first boundary through Dhawan. 
* Taskin Ahmed bowling the first over. 
* Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan opens for India. 
Second inning begins. 
That’s the first 15 overs of this final match, folks. India demonstrated some superb bowling power in the match, but it was Mahmudullah’s eruption into the late overs of the match that gave Bangladesh a tall, enormous head for India to deal with. India needs to make 121 in 15 overs to win the match, and pressure really is upon the blues to perform. Let’s see how Dhoni’s winning tactical team performs in the second innings. 
* End of 15th Over: Bangladesh 120/5. A good over by Bumrah. 
* End of 14th Over: Bangladesh 113/4. An appalling 3 boundaries in the last over. (4, 6, 6) 
SIX! Mahmudullah is breaking Pandya. 
FOUR and a SIX!! Mahmudullah is on fire! 
* End of 12th Over: Bangladesh 92/5. Two boundaries by Mahmudullah in this over (4,4) 
* Mahmudullah and Sabbir Rahman stacking up scores. 
* End of 12th Over: Bangladesh 78/5. Two amazing wickets in this over. Bangladesh facing the heat now. 
OUT again! Mortaza’s been caught out. Bowled by Jadeja, caught by Kohli. 
RUN OUT! Unfortunate for Mushfiqur, he has reached back on the wickets on time, but his bat his hovering over the ground. That’s out. Mushfiqur out for duck. 
* End of 11h Over: Bangladesh 71/3. 
* End of 10th Over: Bangladesh 68/3. One wicket this over by Ashwin. 
* Mushfiqur Rahim coming in for Shakib Al Hasan. 
OUT! Good bowl by Ashwin. Al Hasan has been caught out by Bumrah. Hasan out for 21. That’s an important wicket for India. 
* End of 9th Over: Bangladesh 64/2. Bangladesh leaving no bowl without a run. 
* End of 8th Over: Bangladesh 58/2. Two boundaries in this over (4,4). 
* End of 7th Over: Bangladesh 47/2. (4,4) 
Risky shot by Sabbir Rahman. But that was completely unexpected for Dhoni. Four. 
* Jadeja opens his over. 
* End of 6th Over: Bangladesh 35/2. 
* Shakib Al Hasan coming in for Iqbal. 
* End of 5th Over: Bangladesh 30/2. One wicket by Bumrah. 
OUT! There was no way Bumrah wouldn’t have taken a wicket today. Tamim Iqbal is out for lbw at 13. 
* End of 4th Over: Bangladesh 27/1. One wicket and three boundaries in this over. (4,4,4)
* Sabbir Rahman coming in for Sarkar. 
WICKET! That’s enough for Ashish Nehra! Soumya Sarkar has been caught out by Pandya. Sarkar is out for 14. 
Again! Two consecutive fours by Soumya Sarkar! 
Four! Beautiful shot by Iqbal, no fielder there. 
* End of 3rd Over: Bangladesh 14/0. Bumrah’s over. No boundaries. 
* End of 2nd Over: Bangladesh 11/0. One boundary conceded in this over (4). One wide by Nehra. 
* Bangladesh’s drainage in the stadium is truly commendable. It was a deluge just an hour ago. 
* End of 1st Over: Bangladesh 5/0. On boundary in this over (4). 
* Soumya Sarkar and Tamim Iqbal open the battling line for India.
* The match has already started. India opening the bowling line with Ravichandran Ashwin! Dhoni might have something up his sleeve with this one. 
* Abu Hider and Nasir Hossain will be playing there first match in the tournament for Bangladesh. 
* Dhoni is going with the combination which had assured victory for India against Sri Lanka. 
* India has won the toss and chosen to bowl first. 
* Bowlers can bowl a maximum of 3 overs; fielding restrictions will be for 5 overs. 
* As expected, the overs for the match will be reduced to 15. It is scheduled to begin at 9 30pm. 
* I think we’ll be seeing less than the full 20 overs in the match, folks. Let’s hope the match starts soon. 
* Umpires will check the condition of the pitch at 8 45 pm. Reduction of overs will start from 8 40 pm. 
* The pitch has been uncovered. The stumps are being installed in the ground. The toss won’t be far away. 
* The intensity of the rain has reduced, but the rain is still persistent. 
The match for now has been delayed due to the thunderstorm in Mirpur. 
Bangladesh Squad
Mashrafe Mortaza, Abu Hider, Al-Amin Hossain, Arafat Sunny, Imrul Kayes, Mahmudullah, Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim, Nasir Hossain, Nurul Hasan, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Tamim Iqbal, Taskin Ahmed

India Squad
MS Dhoni, R Ashwin, JJ Bumrah, S Dhawan, Harbhajan Singh, RA Jadeja, V Kohli, B Kumar, P Negi, A Nehra, HH Pandya, PA Patel†, AM Rahane, SK Raina, RG Sharma, Yuvraj Singh
The best have trickled down to two, folks. Here we are, at the finals of the Asia Cup between India and Bangladesh, a match indispensably crucial for India for it’s eventual advent in ICC World T20 and for Bangladesh to register victory at it’s own home ground. Though India has defeated Bangladesh in the first Asia Cup match, the victory cannot be deemed as a prior confirmation of how the match is going to take shape. After winning consecutive matches Bangladesh has grown more confident, and let’s not forget, more menacing at the same time. 
Dubbed as the favourites for the Cup, the men in blue will enter the ground loaded with confidence and before them will be Bangladesh vying some solid form and will be high on the crowd’s support. Who will win today, will it be team India or team Bangladesh?