New Delhi: A day after Pakistan veteran cricketer and the ICC World Cup T20 captain Shahid Afridi optimistically stated to the press that he had always received more love from India than in Pakistan, a petition was filed against Afridi on Monday in the Pakistan High Court. 
Citing that Afridi’s comment was pro-India in nature, the Pakistan High Court slammed the cricketer for praising a nation which has always maintained a contentious relation with Pakistan. Afridi’s comment, which was purportedly aimed at reducing the hostility between the two neighboring countries, was also slammed by Pakistan team’s legendary cricketer Javed Miandad. 
“Shame on Afridi,” Miandad was quoted as saying. Whether this outlash by the Pakistan government will be taken sternly or not is entirely upto the Pakistan Cricket Board. After the cancellation of the much-hyped Ind-Pak match in Dharamsala, the player stated that sports should be kept free of politics. 
Shahid Afridi, along with Shoaib Malik, who serves Pakistan as the senior-most cricketer was sent to India to check whether there were adequate security for the Pakistani players. And talking to the press yesterday, Shahid Afridi said that they found no security potholes and were instead showered with love. 

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