That’s a shocking outcome for today’s hopeful match, folks! Complete unexpected and statistically shattering! But it is Dhoni’s men, especially the batsmen, who have completely failed to perform today. It is apparent now that India’s strong point in all the T20 matches played recently were the bowlers who created an impasse for the batsmen in the opposition. It’s a complete failure of the machinery itself in the team today; no one performed any better than the person before and after them.
India could not tackle the vehemency of the New Zealand bowlers who experimented all the batsmen to exhaustion and broke them apart. Even Virat Kohli, who has been in form lately even under pressure, was unable to hold together the innings. Only the Indian captain Dhoni made a decent effort at emulating New Zealand’s persistency. India has been unable to break the jinx against New Zealand where they have lost five of all the five T20 international matches.
New Zealand has stunned India, and this defeat will resonate in the upcoming matches.
* OUT! That’s all for India in this match. Appallingly poor performance by Indian batsmen. New Zealand wins by 48 runs. 
* End of 18th Over: India 79/9. One boundary and one wicket in this over. (4) (Dhoni) 
* OUT! That’s the end of the struggle for India. Captain Dhoni has been caught out by Santner. Dhoni’s gone for 30. 
* FOUR! Dhoni smashes a boundary. 
* Ashish Nehra comes in for Ashwin. 
* End of 17th Over: India 75/8. One boundary and one wicket in this over. ( 6 ) ( Ashwin) 
* WICKET! Sodhi’s ball has taken a turn for the worst for Ashwin. The latter does not even look back at the wicket for an attempt. Ashwin is out for 10. 
SIX!! That’s surely splash in the pond. Dhoni goes out with full swing and makes contact with the ball. Massive six for India. 
* End of 16th Over: India 65/7. No boundaries conceded in this over. Another difficult over Dhoni and the team. 
* End of 15th Over: India 61/7. No boundaries conceded. 
* New Zealand players have today created havoc in the field for the Indian batsmen. 
* End of 14th Over: India 57/7. The boundaries seem to be too far from the batsmen. India needs to make some desperate boundaries. 
* End of 13th Over: India 53/7. No boundaries in this over. India requires 74 from 42 balls. India’s win seems impossible looking at the current situation. 
* End of 12th Over: India 49/7. No boundaries conceded in this over. 
* Ravichandran Ashwin comes in replacement for Jadeja. 
* End of 11th Over: India 45/7. One wicket taken in this over. (Jadeja) 
* OUT! Jadeja goes for duck. Required run rate for India 9.11. 
* End of 10th Over: India 42/6. One wicket taken by New Zealand in this over. (Santner)
* WICKET! Santner has taken out Pandya for lbw. India’s hope of climbing to a victory looks dim at this moment. Pandya out for 1. 
* Pandya comes in for Virat Kohli. 
* End of 9th Over: India 41/5. One wicket in this over. (Virat Kohli) 
OUT! That’s big wicket, folks! Virat Kohli has been taken out by Sodhi. That’s the removal of first block from the Jenga. He’s out for 23. 
* End of 8th Over: India 39/4. Good over by Elliott. No boundaries conceded. 
* End of 7th Over: India 33/4. No boundaries conceded in this over by Milne. Good over. 
* A Free Hit for India, but it’s a close shave from a run out for Kohli. One run. 
* Adam Milne bowls his first over for New Zealand. 
* Indian Captain Dhoni comes in for Yuvraj Singh. 
* End of 6th Over: India 29/4. Good over by Elliott. 
* End of 5th Over: India 26/4. One boundary and one wicket in this over. (4) ( Yuvraj Singh) 
* What is happening right now? Wickets are crumbling too easily for New Zealand, India desperately needs to hold it together for a chance at the match.  
* OUT! A poor shot by Yuvraj that has the umpire dazed a bit. But that’s gone straight into McCullum’s hand. India beginning to feel the pressure now. 
* Back-sweep by Yuvraj, and that’s gone for FOUR. Much depends upon Yuvraj-Kohli partnership now. 
* Yuvraj Singh comes in for Suresh Raina. 
* End of 4th Over: India 21/3. Two boundaries in this over. (4,4) 
* Boundaries! Kohli makes two much-needed boundaries for India in 3 balls. Two fours.
* End of 3rd Over: India 12/3. Two wickets taken by Santner in this over. ( Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina) 
* OUT! How is Santner doing this? As soon as Raina replaced Rohit, Santner pulls a stunner to shock Indian fans. Suresh Raina has gone out for 1. 
* OUT, OUT! That’s a second shock for India. Rohit Sharma has been stumped by Santner. He’s gone out for 5. San
* Virat Kohli comes in for Dhawan. 
* End of 2nd Over: India 10/1. No boundaries conceded in this over. Good bowling by Anderson. 
* Anderson gets the second over on the new ball. 
* End of 1st Over: India 6/1. One wicket taken in this over (Dhawan). 
*OUT! McCullum has hit right at the heart of Dhawan. Shikhar Dhawan is lbw out for 1. 
* Nathan McCullum bowls the first over for New Zealand. 
* Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma open the batting line up for India. 
* Let the second innings begin! 
That was a poor performance from New Zealand no doubt. With its lowest T20 score with 126, it seems that New Zealand’s hope in this match is dim. The first six on the first ball was definitely an eye-opener for the people watching the match, but after two boundaries, the situation was clear: New Zealand was struggling to make shots. 33 runs in a PowerPlay is already a weak sign of an impending low score, and with Williamson leaving the pitch with 8 runs, there was not much we could expect from the team. While New Zealand attacking should not be underestimated, it is very likely that India will reach the total of 126 with ease. 
* End of 20th Over: New Zealand 126/7. One wicket and two boundaries in this over. ( Elliott) (6,4) 
* 2 runs on the last ball. And that’s a wrap for New Zealand’s score for today’s match. 
* SIX! Ronchi has come out with full swing to Nehra’s ball and it has found its target. Six. 
* FOUR! Nehra to Ronchi, a risky shot that’s gone for four. 
* OUT! Nehra has proved too quick for Elliott. Elliott run out for 9. 
* Nehra bowls the last over. 
* End of 19th Over: New Zealand 111/9. One boundary in this over. (4) Frankly, they could’ve risked a lot more. 
* FOUR! Good shot by Ronchi. It has found the boundary between the fielders. A desperate boundary. 
* End of 18th Over: New Zealand 103/6. No boundaries conceded in this over. 
* Kuke Ronchi comes in for Santner. 
* End of 17th Over: New Zealand 98/6. One boundary and one wicket in this over. (4) ( Santner) 
* OUT! Jadeja seems unpleased with the previous boundary, and Santner’s sky-high shot has gone straight into Dhoni’s gloves. Santner out for 18. 
* FOUR! That’s gone straight. Very familiar to the first shot made by Guptill. 
* Grant Elliot comes in for Anderson. 
* End of 16th Over: New Zealand 90/5. One wicket taken in this over. (Anderson) 
* OUT! Bumrah’s ball has found the middle stump. Anderson is out. He’s probably going to be the highest scorer for New Zealand today. Anderson gone for 34. 
* End of 15th Over: New Zealand 88/4. One boundary conceded in this over (4). 
* FOUR! That’s a beautiful shot by Santner, he has flicked it perfectly. 
* Here’s Pandya’s over now. 
* End of 14th Over: New Zealand 78/4. 
* Dhoni is too close to the wicket for comfort. He’s been hit already once in this match, the second time might not be the same for him. 
* End of 13th Over: New Zealand 75/4. Jadeja has conceded 12 runs in this over. 
* Mitchell Santner comes in for Taylor. 
* End of 12th Over: New Zealand 63/4. One wicket in this over (Taylor). 
* RUN-OUT! That’s clever fielding by Suresh Raina. Unlucky for Ross Taylor, his bat his hanging mid-air, and that’s the end for his innings. Taylor is out for 10. 
* End of 11th Over: New Zealand 59/3. A good over by Jadeja, strong appeals and no boundaries. 
* End of 10th Over: New Zealand 55/3. One boundary conceded in this over. (4) New Zealand needs to go for some boundaries. 
* Four! Clever shot by Taylor. The ball has gone straight at the back and away from Dhoni. 
* End of 9th Over: India 49/3. No boundaries conceded in this over. 
* New Zealand has scored a meagre 33 in the PowerPlays. That’s the lowest in 14 T20Is. 
* End of 8th Over: New Zealand 42/3. One boundary conceded in this over. (4)
*FOUR! Anderson has caught the boundary with his bat superbly. It’s a four. 
* End of 7th Over: New Zealand 35/3. One wicket in this over (Williamson 8) 
* Ross Taylor has come in for Williamson. 
* OUT! Woah, Dhoni’s fast. No need for the third umpire, the referee has caught sight perfectly. Captain Williamson gone for 8 runs. 
* Suresh Raina starts his over. 
* End of 6th Over: New Zealand 33/2. Great over by Bumrah, only one run conceded. 
* India’s making sure that no fielding slips converts into a boundary. So far, so good. 
* Bumrah starts his over. 
* End of 5th Over: New Zealand 32/2. Two boundaries in this over. (4,4) 
* Boundary! That’s a bold shot by Anderson. His sweep has gone for Four. 
* FOUR. Anderson’s shot seems a bit wonky, but it has made for the boundary. 
* End of 4th Over: New Zealand 32/2. One boundary in this match. (4) 
* FOUR! Williamson has found the gap and it’s made its way right to the boundary. 
* End of 3rd Over: New Zealand 17/2. No boundaries in this over. Anderson and Williamson taking it slow. 
* End of 2nd Over: New Zealand 14/2. One run conceded in this over. 
* Korey Anderson comes in replacement for C Munro. 
* OUT! Munro has been caught-out by Pandya. New Zealand’s second wicket falls. It seems like they’re in a spree to score boundaries as quick as they can. Munro out for 7. 
* There’s a stare-down between Nehra and Munro. 
* Ashish Nehra bowling the second over.
* End of 1st Over: New Zealand 13/1. Two boundaries in this match. (6,6) 
SIX! Seems like New Zealand has an agenda on mind. Maybe its aiming for a high score. 
* Colin Munro comes in replacement for Guptill. 
Correction: We mentioned Harbhajan as the first bowler, but it is Ravichandran Ashwin
* OUT! Guptill is out after a six. He’s been caught lbw. 
SIX! That’s a surprising shot by Guptill. Straight across the boundary. 
* Ashwin opens bowling for India. 
Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill opening the batting for New Zealand. 
* New Zealand are wearing black arm bands to pay respect to their former captain. 
* Williamson has left out Southee, Boult and McClenaghan. The players are out on the field and the match is about to begin. 
* Williamson has shockingly decided to leave out Southee, Boult, McClenaghan and Nicholls. That’s a big news, folks! 
* The stadium is ringing with shouts of India and Dhoni. The pressure must be daunting for both teams. 
* New Zealand has won the toss and chosen to bat first. 
* Seeing the condition of the pitch which has small cracks on it, it seems that spinners will have more control of the match. 
* Seems like most prominent players are assured of India’s winning capabilities in this match. Which team do you think will win today? 
* Toss in ten minutes for India and New Zealand. Frank Smith says unless New Zealands wins the toss and racks up a score of more than 210, there’ll be no chance for New Zealand to win this match. 
The time has finally come, folks! It’s the biggest ground for India to prove that the ICC World T20 title is indeed India’s to grab. No more a time for elusion, India’s squad for the ICC World T20 is at its best if we look at the recent matches where India emerged as the victors. 
Not only will India play at home where supporters, on many occasions, will evoke Gods for the team’s fortune, the men in blue also have a solid line-up comprising all-rounders whose performances may go a long way in assuring victory in the upcoming match. 
If you have doubts about the team’s performance in this World Cup, we are more than obliged to remind you that India beat Australia 3-0 in the T20I and went on unhindered to clinch the title of Asia Cup from Bangladesh at Mirpur.
In many of its recent matches, India has stuck with the same combination which can (we say it optimistically) also be dubbed as the winning combination. India’s most credible feature right now is the pace attack which has toppled big teams from registering even ‘average’ scores. The likes of Ashish Nehra and Jaspit Bumrah have strengthened India’s bowling attack considerably, making it a tough fight for the opposition to conquer. 
But we cannot disregard New Zealand this easily. The Kiwis, when threatened, can launch a persistent attack. And albeit New Zealand faces a tough problem without Brendon McCullum, it is important not to disregard the talents of players such as Kane Williamson (captain), Ross Taylor, Martin Guptill, etc. New Zealand scales a high obstacle facing India today, and they need every trick in the box to make the Men in Blue wobble at their knees. 
New Zealand’s squad: Kane Williamson(c), Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Grant Elliott, Luke Ronchi(w), Mitchell Santner, Mitchell McClenaghan, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Henry Nicholls, Ish Sodhi
India’s squad: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w/c), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammed Shami, Pawan Negi, Ajinkya Rahane

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