Kolkata: The Pakistani cricket team has begun the blame game after losing the high voltage match against India in the Eden Gardens on Saturday.
Once again Javed Miandad was seen attacking Afridi, criticising his captaincy and blaming him for the defeat. 
Javed Miandad, former Pakistani cricketer said” Pakistan failed in its planning. I have always said Shahid Afridi shouldn’t have come at no.3. He should adapt according to the situation. Shahid shouldn’t have come at No.3. We got an opportunity to attack India. Indians were scared, at that time, right strategy was important. We could have got more wickets.”
Fans in Pakistan were furious with the performance of the Pakistani team. Some fans even broke their television sets and demanded the sacking of Afridi. It seems fans in Pakistan cannot accept their team continusously losing to India since th last five matches and it is always the Pakistani skipper who has to face the wrath of his fans. 
Earlier, sources informed that there was a meeting of the Pakistan team that took place before the match which was attended by Imran Khan.
Now senior leaders are reportedly blaming Imran Khan for intervening and changing the batting order that in a way backfired and led to the loss of the team.