Mohali: Chasing down a target of 161 runs, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan gave a descent start to the Indian innings. But after early dismissals of Dhawan, Sharma and Raina, India was under pressure. It was the ‘new wall’ of Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli who remain unbeaten 82 made the game for India. With Kohli’s crucial partnership first with Yuvraj Singh and skipper Dhoni, India was finally able to thrash Aussies by 6 wickets in Mohali.
At one point of time, team India was looking under pressure but it was 18th over when Kohli with his fours and sixes turned the match in team’s favour. Man of the Match Virat Kohli Virat Kohli scored a fantastic 82 off 51 balls and crushed Aussies in the virtual quarter final. 
Prime Minister Narendra also congratulated Indian team and tweeted:



India will now face off West Indies in the second semi-final of the 2016 ICC WT20 on March 31 in Mumbai. 

Ind Vs Aus live updates:
* M.S. Dhoni finishes of with a Four! India beat Australia by Six wickets, enter semi-final. 
* Ind need 4 runs from 6 balls to win the game
* And its raining boundaries here. India need 8 runs from 8 balls to win the game 
* Four! India need 12 runs from 9 balls to win the game
* Four! India need 20 runs from 12 balls.
Faulkner to Dhoni, two runs again. Ind 4/141 at the end of 18th Over. Kohli 66, Dhoni 14
* Faulkner ro Kohli, hits it hard, kohli wants two and he gets it. Excellant running between the wickets. Ind 138/4 after 17.4 Overs.
* Six! Kohli is smashing away. Ind 136/4 after 17.3 Overs.
* Again Four! Welcome boundaries for India. Ind 130/4 after 17.2 Overs
* Four! Kohli at again
* Four! 
* 50 for Virat Kohli! Ind 116/4 after 16.3 Overs.
Watson to Dhoni and a dot ball. 
* End of 16th Over: India need 47 runs from 24 balls. Six wickets in hand.  
* Hazlewood to Kohli, and its a Four! Ind 110/4 after 15.4 Overs.
* Hazlewood to Kohli, two runs conceded. Ind 106/4 after 15.3 Overs. 
* Four! Dhoni’s first boundary. Ind 100/4 after 14.4 Overs.  
* Dhoni on strike
* Yuvraj caught, ends his innings. India looking in some trouble now. Score 94/4 after 14 Overs.  
* Faulkner to Yuvraj Singh, pushes it for a single. Ind 94/4 after 13.5 overs. 
*  Ind 89/3, need 72 runs from 42 balls. Kohli 32, Yuvraj Singh 19. 
* Zampa to Yuvraj Singh and its a Six! Yuvraj in the action now. Ind 88/3 after 13.3 Overs. 
* SIX! Kohli hits it hard. Welcome boundary for India. Ind 76/3 after 11.2 Overs.
* End of 10th Over: No boundaries conceded. Ind 3/65. Kohli 19, Yuvraj Singh 9.
* Maxwell to Kohli, no run, gives the charge and pushes it back to the bowler.
* Maxwell to Yuvraj Singh, pushes for a single. Ind 62/3 after 9.2 Overs.
* End of 9th Over: Ind 59/3, needs 102 runs from 66 balls.  Kohli 15, Yuvraj Singh 7.
* Kohli on strike, flicks it away for a single. Ind 57/3 after 8.3 Overs
* Some trouble for Yuvraj, it seems that he has developed some cramps in his leg. Not a good news for India.
* Four! Yuvraj flicks it to the boundary. Ind 54/3 after 8.1 Overs.
* 50 comes up for India, but loses early wickets. Score 50/3 after 8 Overs.
* Out! Raina gone. Ind 49/3 after 7.4 Overs.
* Watson to Raina, aimed at mid wicket and its two runs. Ind 49/3 after 7.3 Overs. 
* End of 7th Over: Ind 45/2. Kohli 12, Raina 7
* Four! Raina htis his first bundary, ease of some pressure from India. Ind 44/2 after 6.5 Overs.
* Faulkner to Kohli, drives it towards short cover, but no run. Ind 37/2 after 6.1 Overs.
* End of 6th Over: Power-play ends. Ind 37/2, need 124 runs to win from 14 Overs.
* Out! Rohit Sharma goes for 12 runs. Ind 37/2 after 5.5 Overs.
* Watson to Kohli, just a single by Kohli. Ind 35/1 after 5.1 Overs.
* End of 5th Over: 10 runs conceded in the over. Ind 34/1.
* Kohli starts from with a Four!. Two back to back boundaries by Kohli. Ind 33/1 after 4.5 Overs. 
Kohli and Sharma on the crease. Ind needs 23/1 after 4 Overs. 
* Caught! Dhawan Out, goes for 13. Ind 23/1 after 3.5 Overs.
* Coulter-Nile to Dhawan again a dot ball. Ind 23/0 after 3.2 Overs. 
* Four! This time its Sharma. Effortlessely flicks it away to the boundary. Ind 24/0 after 3.1 Overs.  
* End of 3rd Over: Ind 18/0. Sharma 4, Dhawan 13.
* Six! Dhawan clears the ground. Beautiful timing. Its always good to watch him. Ind 16/0 after 2.2 Overs.  
* End of 2nd Over: Just 2 runs conceded in the over. Ind 9/0. 
* Coulter-Nile to Sharma, again a dot ball.
* End of 1st Over: A descent start by India. Score 7/0 after 1 Over.
* Four! Dhawan starts from a boundary. Ind 7/0 after 0.2 Overs. 
* Hazlewood to Sharma just 1 run, Sharma pulls it to the square leg. Ind 1/0 after 0.1 Overs.
* Hazlewood to spell first over.  
* Dhawan and Sharma on the field.  
   Australia after a good start in Sunday’s super clash against India didn’t quiet able to carry the momentum till the end. After early hits by Khawaja, at one point of time it felt that Aussies will be going somewhere around 200 hundred, but it Nehra who gave team India early breakthrough. However, with Finch and Maxwell hitting couple of good shots, Aussies were able to set a target of 161 runs for India. Now it all depends on team India’s strategy on how to chase this total and qualify for the semi’s. 
* End of 20th Over: 3 boundaries conceded from the over. Australia set 161 runs for India to win.  
* Faulkner on strike and he is Out! Pandya picks up another wicket. Aus 145/6 after 19.1 Overs.
* 1 over remaining in Australia’s innings. 
* End of 19th Over: Aus 145/ 5. 
* Four! A welcome boundary for Australia. Aus 140/5 after 18.1 Overs.
* End of 18th Over: Aus 136/5. 
* Nehra to Watson, just a single. 
* Three overs to go. Nehra back into the attack. Watson and Faulkner at the crease.  
* End of 17th Over: A good over for India. Aus 132/5. 
* Out! Maxwell goes for 31. Aus 130/5 after 16.3 Overs. 
* Six! Maxwell at it again. Aus 129/4 after 16 Overs.  
* Four! Maxwell hits another boundary. Aus 123/4 after 15.5 Overs.  
* End of 15th Over: A good over for the Aussies, getting 10 runs from it. Score 114/4.   
* Four! Watson pulls if to the boundary. Aus 109/4 after 14.2 Overs.
* Pandya back to spell. Maxwell on strike, and its just a one run. Aus 105/ 4 after 14.1 Overs.
* Out! Finch goes for 43. Aus 100/4 after 13 Overs. 
* Four! Boundary for Australia. Finch pulls it away.   
* End of 12 Over: No boundaries conceded in this over. Aus 93/3. 
* Yuvraj to Maxwell. Maxwell pulls it away to the boundary but saved. Good team work. Aus 90/3 after 11.4 Overs. 
* Pandya to Maxwell and its a dot ball. Aus 81/3 after 10.1 Overs.
* End of 10th Over: Aus 81/3. 
* Yuvraj to Smith and its a no ball. Aus 75/3 after 9.2 Overs.
* Yuvraj to Smith, and its Out! Skipper Smith goes for 2 runs. Aus 74/3 after 9.1 Overs. 
Out! Stumped by Dhoni. David Warner goes for 6 runs. Aus 72.2 after 7.5 Overs.  
* Jadeja on Finch. Just a single. No boundaries conceded in this over. AUS 64/1 after 7 Overs. Finch 26, Warner 5.
* Last ball of Bumrah second over. Just 1 run from it. AUS 59/1 after 6 Overs. Finch 24, Warner 2.
* Nice comeback from India, somehow trying to stop boundaries after Khawaja’s dismissal. Aus 56/1 after 5.3 Overs. 
* End of 5th Over: A wonderful start by Australia, Score 55/1.
* Out! Khawaja goes for 24. Nehra picks up his first wicket. Aus 54/1 after 4.2 Overs
* In the air, but fall just short of the fielder. Aus 54/0 after 4.1 Overs. 
50 comes up for Australia in just 3.4 overs
* Five wides. Aus 
* Ashwin to Finch and its a Six! Australia 37/0.
* Nehra to Khawaja and its the Four once more, Khawaja easily flicks it to the boundary. Aus 31/0 after 3 Overs.
* Now Finch hits the ball to the boundary. Another four for the Aussies. Aus 25/0 after 2.2 Overs.
* Four again! Australia in slowly coming to its momentum. Aus 21/0 after 2 Overs.
* Four! Three consecuive fours by Khawaja. Bumrah struggling in his first over. Aus 16/0. 
* Four! Khawaja at it again. Aus 8/0. 
* Bumrah comes on attack. 
Khawaja and Finch on the cries.  
* End of 1st Over: Good over from Nehra, just 4 runs from it. Aus 4/0.
* Four! Khawaja hits his first bondary. Aus 4/0 after 0.1 Overs.
* Indian team discussing the strategy. Ashish Nehra to bowl openning over.
* Both the teams on the field for their National Anthem.  
* Toss: Both the captains on the pitch for the toss. Smith calls for “Tails” and ‘Tails’ it is. Australia win the toss, elect to bat.
 Team India will be facing several times tagged world champion Australia in the virtual quarter final at Punjab Cricket Association stadium in Mohali at 7:30 pm. With stakes high on both sides, fans and spectators of India and Australia are going crazy ahead of this super clash on Sunday.
Virat Kohli, the wall of Indian Cricket team, on Saturday said that if the team will play to its potential, we can surely beat Australia.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in the 18th edition of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme on Sunday congratulated the M.S. Dhoni-led Indian cricket team for their wins against Pakistan and Bangladesh in the ongoing World T-20 tournament and conveyed his best wishes for today’s match against Australia.
Team India has the edge over Aussies as it has remained unbeaten by Australia in the last 5 T20’s internationals, but it also the fact that both have lost their opening game in the tournament against the Kiwis. Also if we compare performance of both the teams so far in the tournament, Australia has an upper ground with comparatively better run rate from India and with the margins they defeated Pakistan and Bangladesh team.
Going by the format of T20 game, it’s very hard to predict who will be going to the semi-finals, and it really doesn’t matter which team has played how well or poorly in their previous matches, though winning your previous games do adds up to the confidence, but hey, it’s India Vs Australia, what can we say.
It will also be better for team India not to refresh memories of 2003 world cup final, when Australia totally crushed Indian team chasing who was chasing plus 300. Rather the team should bring back memories and confidence of the first T20 world cup when it defeated Australia in the semi-final and finally won the title after beating Pakistan.
Talking about excitement, even New Zealand player Ross Taylor is looking forward for this super clash and termed it the ‘game of the tournament’. Ross on Saturday made statement that he was not going to leave Kolkata and would be sitting in the front of his TV seat and be game.
So will India Vs Australia match be a high scorer or a bowler’s game, and will it be really a super Sunday for Indian fans, let’s wait and watch.
India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w k & c), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah
Australia: Usman Khawaja, Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith(c), Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Peter Nevill(w k), Adam Zampa, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Josh Hazlewood.
Ahead of the upcoming India vs Australia T20 clash, which will be played at Mohali on Sunday, a hilarious ‘mauka-mauka’ spoof video trolling Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australian spectators has gone viral on social media.  

Watch: Hilarious ‘mauka mauka’ spoof ahead of India-Australia super clash on Sunday