Mumbai: Chasing a big total of 193 against India in the semi-final clash, the Windies failed to manage a good start and lost two wickets in the early overs, including Gayle’s. But it was the crucial partnership between Charles (52) and Simmons (82*) and further contribution by Russel (43), brought the Windies back into the game. Lendl Simmons was awarded man of the match.
On the other hand, poor bowling by Team India failed to take on the Caribbean batsmen and India lost the match in the last over. After the failed dismissal of Simmons (twice) due to no-balls, can Team India’s luck be blamed?  

Ind Vs WI Live updates:

* Windies in WT20 final 

* West Indies finishes in style with a winning boundary! India loses the semi-final   

WI 3 runs required in 3 balls.

* Anything can happen now, WI 8 runs required in 6 balls

* Nail-biting has started now, its the semis going on!! WI need 12 runs from 7 balls.   

*  More boundaries for the Windies here; need 19 runs in 10 balls.  

* Windies need 24 from 13 balls

* Bumrah to Simmons, smashes away for a big one, caught but man on the boundary, and its a Six! WI 167/3 after 17.4 overs

* Windies need 33 runs from 17 balls; Simmons 69, Russell 22

* Nehra back to the attack, and a dot ball. WI 153/3 after 16.3 overs. 

* WI need 42 runs in 24 balls, Simmons 67, Russell 14. 

* Four! Simmons hits another boundary. WI 145/3 after 15.3 overs. India in trouble now. 

* Bumrah to Simmons, and a dot ball. 

* Pandya to Simmons and Out! but again, its a no ball, dramatic scenes here, second time in the Windies innings. WI 138/3 after 15 Overs. Need 55 runs in 30 balls.

* Six! Big big hit by Russell. WI 130/3 after 14.3 overs

End of 14th Over: A good over by Kohli, 

* Kohli to Charles, and Out! Kohli dismisses Charles. WI 116/3 after 13.3 overs.   

* Four! Charles is picking up boundaries easily here. India now have to think for a strategy here. WI 116/2 in 13 Ovrs.

* Charles on strike, 82 to win from 44 balls 

* End of 12th Over: WI 104/2. 

* Pandya to Charles, just a single. Fifty for Charles. WI 102/2 after 11.5 overs.

* End of 11th Over: After loosing out two warly wickets, Windies have picked the momentum. Score 97/2.

* Four! boundaries coming easily for Windies, chasing away for a big total. WI 96/2 after 10.5 overs.

* End of 10th Over: A good over for Windies, couple of boundaries. Score 84/2.

* Pandya to Charles, just a single. WI 83/2 in 9.4 Overs

* Pandya to Charles, Six! again. Windies coming back into the game. Score 82/2 after 9.3 Overs.

* Ashwin to Charles, smashes away towards the boundary and a nice shoe work by the fielder there. Saved the boundary. 

* Four! Windies gaining the momentum now. 

* Ashwin to Charles, and its a Six! welcome boudary for windes here. Score 65/2 after 8.2 Over.

* End of 8th Over: WI  59/2. Charles 23, Simmons 21. 

* Caught! but its a no ball, lucky Simmons, gets a free hit.  

* Ashwin to Simmons and another Four, was in the air for a moment but races for a boundary. WI 48/2 in 6.3 overs.           

* Six! Simmons goes for a big one. WI 44/2 after 6 Overs.

* Four! Pulled away nicely by Charles, releases of some pressure. WI 33/2 after 5 overs. 

* Nehra to Simmons: Three dot balls in the over so far, Charles on strike.

* End of 4rth Over: WI 2

* Two consecutive boundary for Widies. WI: 27/2 after 3.2 Overs.

* Out! Another blow to West Indies. Nehra dismisses Samuels, goes for 8. WI 19/2 after 3 Overs.  

* Four! Welcome boundary for Windies. Score 18/1 in 2.3 Over. Charles 5, Samuels 8. 

* Out! Gayle gone! Bumrah picks up the big one. Big blow to Windies. Score 6/1 after 1.1 Overs.

* End of 1st Over: One boundary conceded in the over, Windies 6/0. Charles 1, Gayle 5.

* Nehra bowls the first

* Johnson Charles and Chris Gayle on the field 

   West Indies innings starts 

   Ind set 193 runs target for West Indies 

* 19.6: Single on the last ball. Kohli 88*, Dhoni 15*. Ind 193/2.

* 19.5: Six! Kohli at it. Ind 191/2. 

* 19.4: Super running between the wickets by Dhoni and Kohli. Ind 187/2

* 19.3: Dhoni tries to make a big hit, but just a single.

* 19.2: Kohli on strike, just a single.  

* 19.1: Dhoni pulls for a big one, but just a single. 

* Last over to go

* Kohli on fire now. Two consecutive Fours! Ind is going for a big score! Ind 180/2 after 19 Overs.  

* Russel to Kohli and he goes for a Six this time. Big ones and big runs coming for team India. Ind 176/2 after 18.5 Overs. 

Another hits and another boundary! Kohli is attacking now. Ind 161/2 after 18 Overs.

* Shot, but in the air, and saved; Four! Another boundary for Kohli, Ind 157/2 after 17.5 Overs. 

* Bravo back on to the attack. Kohli on strike.

* Four! Its boundary after boundary for team India. Score 150/2 after 17 Overs

Another boundary in the over, Dhoni on fire now! Ind 146/2 after 16.5 Overs. 

* Brathwaite to Dhoni, hits his first boundary, Ind 142/2 

* Four overs remaining in India’s batting 

* End of 16th Over: Ind 133/2 after 16 Overs. Kohli 44, Dhoni 1.

* Russell to Rahane, he goes for a big one, but Caught! India loses its 2nd wicket. Score 129/2 after 15.3 Overs

Braithwaite to Rahane, just a single. Ind127/1 after 15 Overs.  

* Braithwaite to Kohli and its a boundary; Ind 126/1 in 14.2 Overs.  

* End of 14th Over: Ind 121/1, no boundary conceded in the over. 

* Kohli on strike and its a Four! 50 runs partnership for Kohli and Rahane. Ind 114/1 after 13.1 Overs

* End of 13th Over: Ind 108/1. India going good at the moment. Rahane 36, Kohli 26. 

* Shot! Kohli pulls it away towards the boundary and its Four! Ind 106/1 after 12.4 Overs 

* 100 comes up for India in 12.2 Overs 

Suliemen Benn to Rahane, and he flicks it for a single; after 12 Overs Ind 99/1. 

* Suliemen Benn to Kohli, pulled it hard but again just a single. Ind 97/1 after 11.5 Overs. 

* Suliemen Benn to Rahane, anther single. Ind 96/1 after 11.4 Overs.   

* Suliemen Benn to Kohli, just a single.

Ind 90/1 after 11 Overs; Rahane 31, Kohli 13

Braithwaite to Kohli, flicks it of to the leg side, and excellent piece of running between the wickets. Ind 88/1 after 10.4 Overs. 

* End of 10th Over: Boundary over for Ind. Score 86/1. 

* Four! Rahane on it. Boundaries coming quiet easily here for team India. Score 85/1 after 10 Overs

* Badree to Rahane, just a single. Ind 80/1 after 9.2 Overs 

* Badree to Kohli, and wide ball. Ind 79/1 after 9.1 Overs.

* Four! First boundary for Kohli. Ind 76/1 after 9 Overs. Kohli 9 and Rahane 21.

* Dramatic scene on a free hit ball, Kohli missed hit, but goes for a short single, poor fielding by WI; this could turn a game changer      moment further in the match. 

* Bravo to Kohli, good bouncer!

* Kohli on strike, goes off the mark with a single. Ind 66/1 after 8 Overs. 

Ind loses its first wicket, Rohit goes for 43; Ind 62/1 after 7.2 Overs.

* Runs coming easily for team India, Score 62/0 after 7 Overs. Rohit 43, Rahane 17. 

* Rahane on strike, hits a straight drive, just a single. Ind 58/0 in 6.4 Overs.

* End of 6th Over: Ind 55/0. Rohit 41, Rahane 12.

* Four! And nobody can stop Rohit for now, 19 runs in the 6th over so far. 

* Six! on a free-hit! Rohit is blistering away. Ind 48/0 after 5.2 Overs. 

* Six! Rohit Sharma on fire, wins a free-hit, Ind 41/0 after 5.1 Overs. 

* End of 5th Over: Ind 35/0. 9 runs conceded in the over. 

* Pulled away for another Four! Rahane this time.  

* Four! Another boundary for team India. Score 25/0 in 3.5 Overs. Decent start. 

* Good Cover drive! Sharma picks up a boundary. Ind 21/0 after 3.4 Overs.

* Rahane tries to flick the boundary towards first slip, but only a single.

* Shot, Rohit goes for a single and there is a chance of a run-out but saved. Ind 15/0 after 3 Overs. 

Talking about big hits and here it is, Rohit hits first Six of the Indian innings, Ind 12/0 after 2.1 Overs.

* After two overs, both Rahane and Sharma on the crease, Ind 6/0.

* Rahane on strike,  

Just 3 runs from 1st over, Ind 3/0.

Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma to start the India inninc

National Anthem of India is being played

* West Indies’ National Anthem being played

* Both teams on the field for National Anthem

* Ajinkya Rahane replaces Shikhar Dhawan

* Manish Pandey replaces Yuvraj Singh 

* WI win toss and choose to field


The excitement of cricket fans is on the boil on Thursday as Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium hosts India Vs West Indies ICC T20 World Cup semi-final clash. After Team India’s trouncing win over the Kangaroos on Sunday, Dhoni’s Men in Blue are pumped-up to knock-out the Caribbean outfit.

Thanks to Virat Kohli’s blistering innings of 82 runs in the crucial tie against the Aussies where India dramatically turned the match into its favour, West Indies are feeling the heat. Moreover, its affect can be seen through Windies’ game changer Chris Gayle, who during a practice session said, ”He (Kohli) is going to be the world beater he is today”.

India’s performance in the last match was a good sign for the team and would keep players boosted against today’s clash but the team should also not forget Chris Gayle’s unbeaten ton against England earlier in the tournament.

Both teams are having game-changers who can turn the fate of the game at any time and at the end, one can only say ‘what an innings that was’ or ‘what a match’.

Indian Skipper MS Dhoni and West Indies skipper Darren Sammy would be busy in planning out their strategies for the evening. However, cricket pundits see the hosts as the favourites.

So will it be a nail-biter which takes us to the last delivery or will there be another ‘climatic run-out’ or we would see a ‘super over’. Whatever happens, we are sure of one thing, India Vs Indies is going to be the mother of all T20 clashes so far.

Unfortunately, in a blow to Team India, big hitting southpaw Yuvraj Singh’s exit from the rest of the tournament following his ankle injury has given a slight edge to the Windies.

It’s the fight for finale between Rank-1 India vs Rank-3 WI. Can India do it again?

Some statistic’s before the big clash



  WON: 44

  LOST: 26

  TIED: 01

  NR: 01




  WON: 36

  LOST: 34

  TIED: 03

  NR: 02










Indian bowlers in WT20, 2016




  BEST: 2/29

  AVG: 20.00

  ECON: 10.00



  OVER : 15.0


  BEST : 2/22

  AVG : 22.00

  ECON : 5.86



  OVER : 16.0


  BEST : 1/15

  AVG : 37.00

  ECON : 6.93



  OVER : 15.0


  BEST : 1/20

  AVG : 22.25

  ECON : 5.93



India’s batsmen in WT20, 2016










  RUNS: 74

  BEST: 30

  AVG: 74.00

  SR: 121.31





  BEST :23


  SR: 82.69




  RUNS: 45

  BEST: 18

  AVG: 11.25

  SR: 88.23


Teams for today’s match:
India: 1 Rohit Sharma, 2 Ajinkya Rahane, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Suresh Raina, 5 Manish Pandey/Ajinkya Rahane/Pawan Negi, 6 MS Dhoni (capt and wk), 7 Hardik Pandya, 8 Ravindra Jadeja, 9 R Ashwin, 10 Jasprit Bumrah, 11 Ashish Nehra.
West Indies: 1 Chris Gayle, 2 Johnson Charles, 3 Lendl Simmons, 4 Marlon Samuels, 5 Denesh Ramdin (wk), 6 Dwayne Bravo, 7 Andre Russell, 8 Darren Sammy (capt), 9 Carlos Brathwaite, 10 Suliemann Benn, 11 Samuel Badree.
Pitch and conditions:
Pitch at the Wankhede Stadium has been proved a bit tough for the batsmen in the tournament so far, however, the weather is clear.

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