Texas: Shane McMahon left the onlookers awestruck at WWE WrestleMania 32. In his match against The Undertaker he leapt off the top of a steel cell before falling over 20 feet and plummeted through an announcers’ table.   
Undertaker dominated McMahon in the WWE WrestleMania 32 match and after the latter had cut open one side of the cell, Undertaker charged through it with McMahon taking the fight outside the cell.
McMahon snatched the advantage after both of them had jumped through a table. When Undertaker was on the verge of defeat, he did something unthinkable. 
Undertaker was lying on the announcers’ table while McMahon scaled the cell to stand over 20-feet above, before leaping off and plummeting towards the ground. Though undertaker rolled out of the way, McMahon crashed through the table that left him motionless on the ground. The spectators in the WWE Wrestlemania 32 match that was played between Shane and Undertaker were stunned.

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