New Delhi: The Supreme Court hearing over state allocation of funds by BCCI that was scheduled for Friday was adjourned. The next hearing has been scheduled for 11th April which will also include arguments from Gujarat and others states.

It is expected that the matter of the ban on CSK will also be brought up in the next hearing.

The Supreme Court had, on Tuesday, staged questions on BCCI over state allocation of funds. The court had criticized the cricket board saying that the funds were distributed like a ‘mutually beneficial society’ without any rationale.

Earlier, a three-member Lodha panel had recommended a few points to the Supreme Court which, if implemented, could have far reaching effects on cleaning up cricket administration in India.
The Supreme Court had then, on February 4, suggested BCCI fully accept the Lodha panel recommendations. The cricket governing body in India objected to certain inputs from the Lodha panel.
Earlier the Lodha committee’s recommendation hearing had been adjourned till Friday as the BCCI had objected to several points. 

The BCCI has submitted a detailed list of allocation of funds in the last five years, where it found that eleven states had zero funds allocation. This matter has received criticism from the SC which mentions a few important points in this context, the most important being the question as to why eleven states were ‘penniless’ despite rules that state there must be distributive justice overall.
The SC said that BCCI giving money to the state boards without any rationale for spending, is in a way corrupting the state boards. The BCCI has been criticized of allocating funds in the cricket board by ‘looking at faces’ and not acting as per needs.
On the other hand, the BCCI has opposed the ‘one vote, one member’ policy and it has reportedly appointed an ombudsman for the AGM. The Apex Court has asked the BCCI to fully accept the recommendations of the Lodha Committee.
These are some of the points mentioned in the committee report:
  1. Wants BCCI to come under the RTI Act.
  2. Recommends legalisation of betting.
  3. Proposes one-person one-post; also proposes to do away with proxy voting of individuals.
  4. No BCCI office-bearer can remain in office for more than two consecutive terms.
  5. No BCCI office-bearer can be a Minister or a government servant.
  6. In no case will the President of BCCI hold the post for more than 2 years.
  7. Recommends a steering committee headed by former Home Secy G K Pillai along with former cricketers Mohinder Amarnath and Anil Kumble, and ex-captain of Indian Womens’ team Diana Eduljee. 
  8. Recommends separate governing bodies for the IPL and BCCI.
  9. Recommends the relegation of Railways, Services and Universities as associate members.
  10. Punishment and reforms were the main tasks of the Lodha Committee.

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