Mumbai: Rising Pune Supergiants under MS Dhoni in its first IPL game blasted the Mumbai Indians and won the opening game by 9 wickets while chasing a target of 122 runs. With some marvelous shots hit by Ajinkaya Rahane 66* and Kevin Pietersen 21*, RPS easily defeated last season title winner MI in their home ground.
Ajinkya Rahane was awarded Man of the Match for his smashing 66 runs in 42 balls    
Defending champions Mumbai Indians in the first match of IPL season 9 couldn’t put up a big total against the new franchise Rising Pune Supergiants. The Dhoni brigade were able to crunch the top and middle order of MI, however, it was Harbhajan’s 45-run inning which helped the Mumbai Indians to set a target of 122 runs for RPS.
IPL 2016 live updates: Mumbai Indians Vs Rising Pune 
* Pune Supergiants thrash Mumbai Indians by 9 wickets in the first game of IPL season 9
* Pandya to Rahane, and its a Six! RPS looks in a hurry here to finish the game, well they have almost got it. Score 120/1 after 14.2 Overs. Just 2 runs needed to win the game
* End of 14th Over: RPS 114/1, need 8 runs to win the game 
* Harbhajan to Pietersen and he goes for a Six! again. RPS 110/1 after 13.1 Overs
Pune Supergiants 104/1 after 13 overs in response to MI’s 121.
* Gopal to Rahane and its a Four! 100 comes up for RPS. Score 100/1 after 12.1 Overs
Harbhajan to Pietersen and he goes for a big one this time. It’s a Six! 96/1 after 11.5 Overs
* Gopal to Pietersen, a good length on off stump, just a single. RPS 85/1 after 11 Overs 
* Out! Harbhajan gives first break through to MI. Plessis goes for 32. RPS loses their first wicket. 79/1 after 9.4 Overs
* Singh to Plessis, a short length delivery going down leg, just a single. 78/0. 
Pune Supergiants 76/0 after 9 overs in response to MI’s 121
* Kumar to Plessis and again a good length delivery outside off stump, gets two runs. RPS 69/0 after 8.2 Overs 
* Kumar to Plessis, short length delivery outside off stump but no run. 
Kumar to Rahane, a short length delivery again outside off stump. RPS 58/0 after 6.3 Overs
* 50 comes up for Pune Supergiants, Score 50/0 after 6 overs
* Bumrah to Rahane and its a Four! Boundaries coming easily here for RPS 23/0 after 3.5 Overs.
* Bumrah to Plessis, a good length on off stump again but this time its a single. RPS 19/0 after 3.4 Overs.
Bumrah to Plessis, a good length delivery on off stump and no run. RPS 18/0 after 3.1 Overs.
* Four! A good start by Pune Supergiants, Third boundary for Rahane. Score 18/0 after 2.4 Overs
* Bumrah to Plessis, short length outside off stump. RPS 13/0 after 2 Overs
* Bumrah to Plessis, Four! on a good length on off stump.
* McClenaghan to Rahane and another boundary, what a start by Supergiants. RPS 8/0 after 1 Over
* McClenaghan to Rahane and its a Four! Supergiants starts there innings with a boundary. RPS 4/0 after 0.1 Overs 
   Pune Supergiants innings start
   Mumbai Indians sets a target of 122 runs for Pune Supergiants
* Six! Harbhajan hits some crucial runs for his team. MI 121/8 after 20 Overs.
* Sharma to Harbhajan and it’s a Six! MI 115/8 after 19.5 Overs 
* Sharma to McClenaghan just one on a fulltoss just outside off stump.
* Sharma to Harbhajan and goes for a single. 
* Two consecutive boundaries by Harbhajan, hitting needed boundaries for the team. MI 111/8 after 19
* Out! Vinay kumar goes for 12, MI 
* P Singh to Harbhajan just a single.
* Four! Harbhajan goes a boundary.  

* Close! Terrific full ball and Harbhajan can’t get his bat down on it in time
* P Singh to Harbhajan and a wide ball.
* Marsh to Kumar, a short length just outside off stump and it goes for a big one. Six! MI 90/7.
* Marsh to Kumar and a dot ball. MI 80/7 after 17.1 Overs
* End of 17th Over: MI 80/7. 
* Ashwin to Harbhajan, appeal for a run out and it’s not out. MI 80/7 after 80/7 after 16.5 Overs
* M Ashwin to V Kumar, a good length outside off stump, but no run. MI 80/7 
Top and middle order of MI collapses, Score 75/7 after 16 Overs. 
* R Ashwin to A Rayudu, and it’s a Wicket! Rayudu caught by Plessis. Ashwin picks up another one. MI 68/7 after 15.1 Overs 
* M Ashwin to Harbhajan; a full length outside off stump but no run. 67/6 after 15 Overs
* M Ashwin to A Rayudu, no run. A Good length delivery just outside off stump. 67/6 after 14.2 Overs
* M Ashwin to A Rayudu again, just a single on good length outside off stump. MI 66/6 after 14.1 Overs
* Bhatia to Rayudu goes for a single. MI 65/6 after 14 Overs
* R Bhatia to H Singh again; single on short length going down leg. MI 64/6 after 13.4 Over
* R Bhatia to A Rayudu, just a single. A short length just outside off stump. MI 63/6 after 13.2 Overs 


* Ashwin to Harbhajan, tries to flick a wide ball and no run. MI 62/6 after 13 Overs. 

* Four! Rayudu hits a boundary, a much needed one. MI 57/6 after 12 Overs 
* Spinners comes to attack, Murugan Ashwin to Shreyas Gopal and he goes for a big one and caught by Ajinkya Rahane. Mumbai Indians in trouble now, Score 51/6 after 11.2 Overs.
* Another good over by Rajat Bhatia. Just 1 run from it. MI 48/5 after 10 Overs. 
* Rajat Bhatia takes the charge now for Supergiants.  
* End of 9th Over: With just 46 runs on the board so far, the defending champions are struggling against the new IPL team Pune Supergiants.    
* Four! Rayudu hits for a boundary; a needed one for Mumbai Indians. Score 46/5 after 8.4 Overs
* Wicket! Supergiants picks up another wicket. Pollard goes for 1; lbw by Rajat Bhatia. MI 40/5 after 7.3 Overs 
* A reasonable over so far Supergiants. Just 3 runs from it. MI 40/4 after 7 Overs
* Mitchell Marsh on the attack, just a single. MI 38/4 after 6.1 Overs
* Ambati Rayudu 2 and Kieron Pollard 0 leading Mumbai Indians at the moment. MI 37/4 after 6 Overs.
 Mumbai Indians loses another wicket, Buttler goes for a duck, MI 30/4 after 5 overs. The team is in trouble now; top order collapses.
* Out! again, Mumbai Indians loses Pandya, goes for 9. MI 29/3 after 4.3 Overs
* End of 4th Over: MI 29/2. Pandya 9 and Buttler 0
* Out! Simmons goes for 8. MI 29/2
* Ishant Sharma back on attack 
* Six! Simmons goes for a big one. MI  20/1   
* RP Singh on attack  
* So far a good over by Ishant Sharma. Just 4 runs from it and a wicket. MI 11/1 after 1.5 Overs
* Out! Pune Supergiants gets there first breakthrough. Ishant Sharma picks up Rohit Sharma. MI 8/1 after 1.1 Overs
* End of 1st Over: MI 8/0. Simmons 1 and Rohit  7
* Four! Rohit Sharma hits the first boundary for Mumbai Indians. MI 7/0 in 0.3 Overs
* Rohit on strike, flicks to the leg side, settles for two. MI 3/0 in 0.2 Overs.
* First runs on the board for the Mumbai Indians. MI: 1/0 in 0.1 Overs
* Simmons and Rohit opens for Mumbai Indians.
* Mumbai Indians win the toss and elect to bat
After a great comeback by Mumbai Indians in the last season of the IPL, the defending champions are all set to take on the new franchise – Rising Pune Supergiants, in the first clash of this blockbuster cricketing event.
Mumbai Indians who even after losing 5 opening matches in the last season, struck back hard and grabbed the title. The team is well versed, experienced and knows perfectly how to strategize the game.
The Rising Pune Supergiants owned by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group has  Sanjiv Goenka as its chairman. This team is an entirely new franchise replacing Chennai Super Kings after the team was suspended for two years for being involved in the spot-fixing scandal. Even after being a new team, it has the edge because team India’s skipper Dhoni will be leading it from the front. Also in the squad are South African T20 skipper Faf du Plesis and Australian captain Steve Smith. So will ‘Mr. Cool’ be able to taste the same success he had, being the captain of the Chennai team, is a thing to watch.    
On the one hand we have the two-time winning team Mumbai Indians and on the other hand is the two-time title grabber captain Dhoni. What will be interesting to see is who sticks around till the end of the season.
Mumbai Indians: Lendl Simmons, Rohit Sharma (C), Unmukt Chand, Jos Buttler, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, J Suchith, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah.
Rising Pune Supergiants: Ajinkya Rahane, Faf Du Plessis, Steve Smith, Kevin Pietersen, MS Dhoni (C), Mitchell Marsh, R Ashwin, Irfan Pathan, Ishant Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, M Ashwin. 

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