New Delhi: Kings Eleven Punjab skipper David Miller speaks to NewsX about his team’s chances in the IPL, his own game and why his team could not live up to the expectations in the last season of IPL. 
NewsX:  How is the heat treating you in India this season?
David Miller: Yes, it has been hotter than usual, but we come to India expecting the heat, so we are pretty used to it.
NewsX: We saw you hitting the nets yesterday. What do expect of your own form this season?
David Miller: For me, net practice is going nicely. I just want to contribute for the team’s cause in the best way I can, it whatever situation I find myself in. Batting at four, a little higher up in the order, gives me a little bit more time to get myself in and do something.
NewsX: We heard Shaun Marsh had some stomach problems from eating fish. Did you also have the same?
David Miller: No I stayed away from the fish, but there were a few guys down, about 4-5 guys in the last week or so. We’ve just become a vegetarian team for the next two weeks.
NewsX: You’ve been retained in the side. 2014 was good for and depending on your performance the team reached the top. But in 2015 the team fell flat. What do you think is the reason that the Kings could not perform in 2015? 
David Miller: There are quite a few reasons to be honest, but in T20 cricket, things go your way or they don’t. It’s a very quick format and you’ve got to be on your guard in every ball. I feel certain things did not go our way in the last season. The previous year we were fortunate with a few things but that’s just the nature of the game. It’s a competitive format now and due to which we could not live up to the expectations.

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