New Delhi: Kings Eleven Punjab player Shaun Marsh speaks to NewsX about the team’s chances in IPL, his injury and how much Kings miss the presence of Sehwag in the dressing room.

NewsX:  Shaun, how are you doing now, after the tummy upset?

Shaun Marsh: I am feeling a bit better now. I was off for a few days, but it is good to be back with boys. I am looking forward to Friday for the next match.

NewsX:  The last couple of IPL seasons have not been good for you. Can you tell us what exactly went wrong?

Shaun Marsh:  Yes the last season was a bit disappointing, but I am looking forward to this season. Hopefully we will get a few more opportunities to prove ourselves.

NewsX:  There is a bandage on your thumb; is that something to worry about?

Shaun Marsh:  Yes, there is a little injury on my thumb, but I am confident that I will manage to play with it.

NewsX:  What are your expectations from this season?

Shaun Marsh:  We have a good side. Boys are playing and training well. We could not get the desired result in the last match, bit I hope we stick to what we are doing, keep working hard and turn things around.

NewsX:  Do you miss Sehwag’s experience in the middle?

Shaun Marsh:  He has been a fantastic player for a long period of time. He also helped boys in the team in a huge way. We definitely loved to have him around. 


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