NewsX has a quick rapid fire round with Kings XI Punjab batsman Murali Vijay to discover the Chennai boy’s favourites in terms of food, hobbies and many more other things. Read on to find it out yourself: 
NewsX: What is your favourite food?
Murali Vijay: I love South Indian food. 
NewsX: Which is your favourite band and song?
Murali Vijay: I don’t like any particular band or song as such, but I prefer listening to soft music. 
NewsX:  Which is your favourite holiday spot?
Murali Vijay: Brazil, Rio is fantastic.
NewsX:  Apart from Cricket. which sport you love the most?
Murali Vijay: I like snooker.
NewsX:  So do you get to play the port regularly?
Murali Vijay: I used to play it regularly earlier, but now I don’t get time to do that. 
NewsX: You favourite hobby?
Murali Vijay: Having a good time with my friends. 
NewsX: So are you an outgoing person or do you just prefer sitting at home, having a cup of coffee and watching the match?
Murali Vijay: No, I am an outgoing person. I can’t stay at a place for too long. I like to travel and explore new cultures. I love beaches so spend a lot of time at the beach.

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