Mumbai: Chasing a total of 144 runs, the Gujarat Lions started off well with some smashing hits early in the innings, but it was McClenaghan’s bowling attack that took some crucial wickets  bringing Mumbai back into the game. It was a nail-biting last over when Lions required 11 runs to win the game. The situation became more interesting when Lions needed 1 run in 1 last ball and it was Aaron Finch again who remained not out and played a smashing 67 innings which made the game for Lions. 
Aaron Finch was awarded Man of the Match.
Lions thrash Mumbai Indians by 3 wickets
* Bumrah to Kulkarni, he hits down for a boundary, but stoped by fielder in the deep, Scores level. Need 1 run to win in 1 ball
* Lions need 3 runs from 2 balls
* Lions need 4 runs from 3 balls; what is going to happen?
* Lions need 8 runs from 4 balls; the crowd is going crazy
* The nail-bitting starts from here,  Lions need 11 runs from 6 balls
* Mumbai back into the game, dismisses P Kumar. Anything can happnen, Lions need 12 runs from 7 balls
* McClenaghan dismisses Faulkner, Lions need 13 runs from  10 balls; Mumbai back into the game
* Very crucial over for Lions and Mumbai, will it be decider. Lions need 13 from 12 balls
* End of 18th Over: Lions 131/5
* Faulkner gets a free-hit and he didn’t lose the opportunity, smashes away for a boundary. Lions 128/5 after 17.4 overs 
* Bumrah to Faulkner, a full length delivery outside off stump, just a single there. Lions 123/5 after 17.3 overs 
* Lions need 23 from 18 balls
* McClenaghan to Finch, and its the boundary again. No chance for fielders on that shot. After 17 overs, Lions 121/5
* Faulkner the new man in, Lions need 29 runs from 20 balls
* McClenaghan takes out Nath, another partnership broken, Lions 109/5 after 16.1 overs
* Harbhajan to Finch, and he smashes straight into the crow for a Six! Lions 109/4 after 16 Overs
* 100 comes up for Gujarat Lions 101/4 after 15.4 overs. Finch 39 and Nath 12. 
* Strategic time out.
* End of 15th Over: Lions 99/4. 
* Southee to Nath and he hits it hard, goes for another boundary. Lions 97/4 after 14.4 overs 
* Southee into the attack, Nath on strike, delivers a short length outside off stump, just a single. Lions 91/4 after 14.2 overs 
* A good over for Mumbai, just 3 runs conceded. Lions 90/4
* After Bravo dismissal, suddenly the momentum has shifted towards Mumbai, slowly getting back into the game. 
* End of 13th Over: Lions 87/4.
* Wicket! Bravo surprized with that little bounce, Parthiv goes for the appeal and he’s Out! Bravo isn’t happy. Lions 83/3 after 12.3 overs. Is this the turning of the game?
* End of 12th Over: Lions 83/3. Bravo 2 and Finch 33
Pandya dismisses Karthik, goes for 9, Lions 80/2 after 11.1 overs, Crowd celebrates
* Four! Karthik smashes that just effortlessly. Lions easily taking the game away from Mumbai. Score 79/2 after 10.4 overs
* End of 10th Over: Lions 74/2. 
* Pandya to Karthik, a good lenth delivery outside off stump, two runs conceded. Lions 72/2 after 9.4 overs 
* End of 9th Over: Lions 66/2
* Dinesh Karthik the new man in.
* McClenaghan dismisses Raina, goes for 27. Lions 65/2 after 8.3 overs.  
* Harbhajan to Finch and another boundary. Lions are stealing away the game from Mumbai Indians, 62/1 after 7.5 overs 
* Massive hit by Raina, trouble for Mumbai here. 53/1 after 7 overs
* Pandya to Raina, just one run conceded, but Lions having the edge at the moment. 43/1 after 6.2 overs 
* Lions need 102 to win in 82 balls
* Strategic Time out!
*  Pandya to Raina, Four! on a good length delivery going down leg. Lions 42/1 after 6 overs
* After early dismissal of McCullum, Lions gain momentum, 35/1 after 5 overs
* Southee to Finch, and more runs, another boundary for Lions, 34/1 after 4.4 overs
* Boundary, second in the over. Beautiful shot by Raina there. Lions 29/1 after 4 overs
* McClenaghan to Rain, and another dot ball
* Hit and smashed away for Four! Raina on it this time. Lions 25/1 after 3.4 overs
* McClenaghan to Raina, and a dot ball. Lions 21/1 after 3.2 overs
* McClenaghan to Finch, 1 leg bye.
* Southee to Raina, a short length just outside off stump, no runs conceded. Lions 20/1 after 3 overs
* Four! A great shot towards the boundary by Finch. 
* End of 2nd Over: Gujarat Lions 15/1. One wicket taken in this over (McCullum 6) 
* Suresh Raina comes in for Brendon McCullum. 
* There’s a disquiet between the players whether the ball has been caught or not, but the umpire has called for an OUT. McCullum has been bowled out by Bumrah for 6. 
* T20 World Cup experienced Jasprit Bumrah starting his first over for Mumbai Indians. 
* End of 1st Over: Gujarat Lions 11/0. Two boundaries made in this over. (4,6) 
SIX! that’s a graceful one by McCullum, so full of power. Right out of the field. 
Four! That’s a beautiful boundary by Finch. 
* Tim Southee is bowling the first over for Mumbai Indians. He looks menacing right from the start. 
* Brendon McCullum and Aaron Finch opening the scorecard for Gujarat Lions. 
The defending champions had a shaky start after the team lost early wickets including skipper Rohit Sharma. However,  few good shots by Parthiv Patel helped Mumbai scorecard crawling. But it was in the last 4 overs when Mumbai Indians gained some momentum and set a target of 144 runs for Gujarat Lions. Stay tuned for live updates.
IPL 2016 MI vs GL:  Lions win the toss, elect to field first
   Mumbai Indians set a target of 144 runs for Gujarat Lions

* End of 20th Over: MI 143/8
* Bravo to southee, misses, tries to grab a single but couldn’t make it. Score 141/8 after 18.5 overs
* Bravo to Southee and this time its a big one, Six! MI 141/7 after 19.4 overs
* Bravo to Southee, and he smashes away for a boundary, needed runs for Indians, 135/7 after 18.3 overs
* Bravo to Southee, just a single, MI 130/7 after 19.1 overs
* Outside Edge, and the balls races away for a Four! Welcome runs for Mumbai, 129/7 after 18.5 overs
* Mumbai Indians trying for a reasonable score on every ball here, gains a little bit of momemtum. Score 123/7 after 18.4 overs
* Faulkner to Southee and he hits the ball straight into the crowd, massive Six! Crowd cheer. MI 118/7 after 18.1 overs
* Four! Boundary for Pandya, crucial runs for Mumbai, 110/7 after 17.5 overs
* 100 comes uo for Mumbai, but it seems that it has failed to put a big total, batting order collapses. 106/7 after 17.4 overs
* Faulkner to Rayudu, and another Wicket!!! A good length on middle stump dismisses Rayudu, goes for 20, MI 99/7 after 17 overs
* Faulkner to Pandya there, boundary for Mumbai, every run counts here. MI 94/6 after 16.4 overs
* Bravo to Harbhajan, and he’s Out! Not at all good for Mumbai, harbhajan could have been the one who could have hit some big shots, MI 88/6 after 15.5 overs
* Four! Bravo to Harbhajan Singh, and he hits it down to the boundary. Welcome runs there for Mumbai Indians. 
* End of 15th Over: MI 86/5.
* So far, not a great innings buy the defending champions. 
* Big wicket for Lions, Parthiv goes for 34, Mumbai Indians, 78/5 after 14 overs
* Tambe to Patel, he again pushes for a boundary but taken in the deep, another big wicket for Lions, Parthiv goes for 34, MI 77/5 after 13 overs
* Tambe to Rayudu, and its a Six! A good length just outside off stump. MI 74/4 after 12.2 overs
* After 12 Overs: MI 68/4; Patel 34, Rayudu 3
* Tambe to Pollard, goes for a huge hit, but caught by Bravo. A big big wicket for Lions. Pollard goes for 1, MI 60/4 after 10.2 overs  

* After 10 Overs: MI 59/3. Patel 28, Pollard 1.
* Kulkami to Patel, and hits again goes for a big one. Six! Massive hit there by Patel, MI 57/3 after 9.2 overs
* Wicket!!! Jakati taked the danger man, Buttler goes for 16, MI is in trouble now, 51/3 after 8.5 overs.
* Big hit! Parthiv Patel hits the big one for Mumbai, brings some relief to the crawling Mumbai’s scorecard. 47/2 after 8.1 overs 
 Mumbai Indians struggling at the moment, 41/2 after 8 overs
* Faulkner to Buttler, and he pulls it away to the boundary. MI 39/2 after 7.2 overs
* End of 7th Over: A good by Jakati, gave no liberty to Indians to hit big one, Mumbai struggling at moment. MI 33/2.   
* Kulkarni to Buttler, just a single on a short length delivery. MI 31/2 after 6 overs
* Shot, Buttler takes that boundary! A smashing Four. MI 30/2 after 5.1 overs  
* End of 5th Over: MI 26/2
* Four! A relieving boundary for Mumbai Indians, Buttler on it, MI 24/2 after 4.4 overs
* After 4 Overs: MI 19/2
* Another wicket! Pandya decided to hit it on the leg side straight into the hands of Jakati. MI 19/2 after 3.2 overs   
* End of 3rd Over: MI 19/1.
* Another boundary! Four. Superb shot by Patel, MI 17/1 after 2.3 overs 
* Praveen to Patel and its a boundary! Four runs in to Mumbai’s bag. MI 13/1 after 2.1 overs
* Praveen Kumar into the attack now
* First wicket down of the Mumbai Indian, skipper Sharma goes for 7, MI 9/1 after 2 overs
* A slow start by Mumbai Indians, just 3 runs in the first over. Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel on the field
* Lions win the toss, elect to field first
The defending champions Mumbai Indians will be taking on the new franchisee Gujarat Lions after they smashed SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders in the last match.
Mumbai Indians in IPL 2016 have had a mixed experience so far. The team however, lost their opening game against Dhoni brigade and another new franchisee Rising Pune Supergiants.
On the flip side, it’s the Gurajat Lions, the team has won both their games so far and is relatively in a better position than the Indians in their third game here.
Feeling pumped and confident, the Lions would be expecting another great innings from Aaron Finch who grabbed the Man of the Match title in the both of their games so far.
Along with Finch, Brendon McCullum, Raina and Dwayne Bravo can put up or achieve big targets in today’s match.
Mumbai Indians: 1 Rohit Sharma, 2 Martin Guptill/Parthiv Patel, 3 Hardik Pandya, 4 Jos Buttler (wk), 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Ambati Rayudu, 7 Shreyas Gopal/J Suchith, 8 Harbhajan Singh 9 Mitchell McClenaghan 10 Vinay Kumar/Tim Southee 11 Jasprit Bumrah.
Gujarat Lions: 1 Aaron Finch, 2 Brendon McCullum, 3 Suresh Raina, 4 Dwayne Bravo, 5 Dinesh Karthik (wk), 6 Akshdeep Nath, 7 Ishan Kishan/Shivil Kaushik, 8 James Faulkner, 9 Praveen Kumar 10 Shadab Jakati 11 Pravin Tambe.
Pitch and conditions
Team chasing the total will have an edge if due factor comes out to play. The surface offered early seam movement and then grip to the spinners before easing out. 

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