The English Premier League has longstandingly been a title about the glory of football and a souvenir to all avid football lovers, so when the underdogs Leicester City clinched 22 historic wins and shot to the top of the EPL table, the buzz was only imminent. 
Leicester City F.C. faces Manchester United F.C. on Sunday at Old Trafford – a dream home that has always propelled the Manchester United team to glorious feats. They’ll be looking to break Leicester’s determination and in turn, end the fantastical run the team in blue has achieved till now. Louis van Gaal is determined to prove that Manchester United is still the same team with still the same capability of turning things around at most critical moments in the game. 
Claudio Ranieri, the creator of this fairytale, knows already the enormous feat his club has achieved, but he does not let it easily overwhelm him or his team. 
“We have a team. I asked from the beginning of the season we have to play as 11. I don’t know if other teams play 11, but for us it’s very important to play as 11. Together we help each other with a big heart and we showed this,” he said. 
For Leicester City, this match on a Saturday evening is the definitive match of the season for them. If they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford, they claim their first ever league title with 10 points ahead of their rivals Tottenham. However, if they do not win, their anxiety concerning the league will only be prolonged. 
Players who’ll be absent today
Manchester United: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Will Keane, Luke Shaw, Adnan Janujaz
Leicester City: Jamie Vardy 
Manchester United will be looking to finish this season on the top four of the EPL table; this might entail for a tense-filled game today. 
What time is the match tonight? 
The match will commence at 6: 35 PM (IST) on Saturday.

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