Kolkata: Chasing a target of 165 set by Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab lost early wickets and succumbed to some disciplined bowling by the hosts before falling short by seven runs at the Eden gardens on Wednesday night. Maxwell’s 68 off 42 was the only highlight for Punjab but proved insufficient in the end. 
Man of the Match: Andre Russell
Kolkata vs Punjab live updates
* Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings Xi Punjab by 7 runs 

* KXIP need 9 runs in 1 ball. 
* Wicket again! S Singh departs.  
* KXIP need 9 runs in 2 balls
* Wicket! GM Singh departs. KXIP need 12 runs in 5 balls. 
* KXIP need 12 runs in 6 balls
* KXIP need 17 runs in 10 balls
* A Russell to A Patel, and a big hit, Six! KXIP 143/6 after 18 overs
* Wicket! Miller departs for 13 runs. KXIP 130/6 after 17.3 overs 
* Four!, a needed boundary for Pumjab here. KXIP 130/5 after 17 overs 
* Al Hasan to GM Singh, just a single on a good length delivery. KXIP 126/5 after 16.5 overs
* S Al Hasan to D Miller, one run, full toss just outside off stump.
* After 16 overs, KXIP 122/5     
Big breakthrough for Kolkata, Chawla picks up the danger man, Maxwell departs for 60. But he has done his job. KXIP 120/5 after 15.4 overs
* After 15 overs, KXIP 117/4. Maxwell 60*, Miller 8* 
* S Al Hasan to G Maxwell and hits goes for a big one this time, huge Six! KXIP 115/4 after 14.2 overs
* End of 14th over: 11 runs conceded in the over including a boundary. KXIP 109/4
U Yadav to D Miller, hits a short length delivery just outside off stump. Two runs conceded, hundered comes for KXIP, 101/4 after 13.3 overs 
* P Chawla to D Miller, again just a single. KXIP 98/4 after 13 overs
* P Chawla to G Maxwell, hits it hard but just a run. 
* P Chawla to G Maxwell, a good length delivery just outside off stump.
50 comes up for Maxwell, KXIP 93/4 after 12 overs. 
* Six again! Maxwell is doing the job here for the Punjab. He looks agressive. KXIP 83/4 after 11.2 overs  
* Four! Another boundary for the Kings, Maxwell on it again. KXIP 76/4 after 11 overs
* Six! First big hit by Maxwell, beats Chawla on good length delivery. KXIP 71/4 after 10.2 overs
* After 10 overs, KXIP 64/4. Maxwell and Millers on the field
* B Hogg to G Maxwell and two runs on a full toss delivery. 
* B Hogg to G Maxwell, a good length delivery, just a single. KXIP 54/4 after 9.1 overs  
* David Miller and Maxwell to lead Punjab’s charge. Can they help Kings to thrash the hosts
* Wicket! Punjab hoping for a good partnership but Saha couldn’t able to make it. KXIP 53/4 after 9 overs
* P Chawla to W Saha, and a welcome boundary for KXIP. 53/3 after 8.3 overs 
* S Al Hasan to W Saha, good length on middle stump, one run conceded. KXIP 48/3 after 8 overs
* S Al Hasan to W Saha, he pulls it of for two runs. KXIP requires a decent partnership here if they really wants to win the game.
* After 7 overs, KXIP 43/3. Maxwell and Saha needs to show a sensible game here.
* U Yadav to W Saha, hits a short length delivery outside off stump, just a single. Early dismissals by Riders bowlers have put Kings in the backfoot. 
KXIP in trouble, loses early wickets, 27/3 after 5 overs
* End of 4th over: KXIP 16/3. Maxwell and Saha leading Kings’ charge
* Wicket! again. Murali Vijay is Out! Punjab is in trouble now. Not a great start to chase 165. Middle order in pressure. KXIP 13/3 after 3.1 overs
* Another Wicket!  Vohra departs now. Hasan picks up the wicket. Early dismissals for Punjab here. KXIP 13/2 after 3 overs.
* A Russell to M Vijay, a short length on leg stump, just one run conceded. 
* Four! Vijay flicks it away for a boundary. KXIP 7/1 after 2 overs
* End of 1st over: KXIP 2/1 after 1 overs
* First blow to KXIP,  Stoinis goes for a duck. KXIP 1/1 after 0.4 overs.
* M Morkel to M Vijay, a short length delivery aimed at the middle stump.
* M Morkel to M Vijay, good length just outside off stump.
* KXIP to bat
* KKR set a target of 165 runs for KXIP
Riding on a Robin Uthappa’s quickfire 70 off just 49 deliveries and a tidy 54 by skipper Gautam Gambhir, Kolkata Knight Riders set a target of 165 runs for Kings XI Punjab at Eden Gardens on Wednesday. 
* Wicket on a last ball and this one also a run out. A Russell tries to pick a single, but couldn’t make it.  
* Sandeep Sharma to A Russell, but just a single.
* Last over to go. 
* End of 19th over: KKR 160/2
* M Sharma to A Russell and its a Six! Russel smashes away on a full toss aimed at the off stump. KKR 159/2 after 18.5 overs
* M Sharma to A Russell, a full length just outside off stump, just a single. KKR 152/2 after 18.2 overs
* M Sharma to Y Pathan, full length outside off stump.
* After 18 overs, KKR 150/2. Two overs to go, How far can Riders go from here 
* Sandeep Sharma to A Russell and welcome runs for KKR. FOUR on a full length delivery. KKR 146/2 after 17.2 overs
* End of 17th over: KKR 138/2
* Wicket! Second breakthrough for Punjab. Another run-out. Uthappa goes for 70. KKR 137/2 after 16.5 overs 
* M Sharma to Y Pathan and it’s a Six! A good length delivery pulled away for a big one! KKR 131/1 after 16.2 over
* End of 15th over: Y Pathan and Uthappa leading KKR’s charge. 121/1. 
* Another hit, but this time its a Four! Uthappa at it again. KK 120/1 after 14.5 overs
* S Singh to Uthappa, aims a short length delivery and it’s a Six! KKR 116/1 after 14.4 overs  
* 50 comes up for Robin Uthappa. 
* First breakthrough for Punjab, skipper Gambhir goes for 54. KKR 101/1 after 13.3 overs
Sandeep Sharma to R Uthappa, he goes for a single but here is some dramatic moments and a direct hit from Maxwell at cover sends the KKR skipper packing after another classy IPL fifty
* G Maxwell to G Gambhir, just one run on good length delivery. 50 comes for the skipper Gambhir and 100 up for the team. KKR 100/0 after 13 overs 
Maxwell takes the bowling charge for Kings. Uthappa on strike and its a Four! KKR 99/0. 
* A Patel to G Gambhir, no major variation in the lenth. One run conceded, no bondaries in the over. KKR 89/0 after 12 overs
R Uthappa on strike. A Patel puts a short length on off stump but just a single. 
* End of 11th over: KKR going good at the moment. No loss of wickets so far. Gambhir 43, Uthappa 41. 83/0
* FOUR! MP Stoinis shoots a full toss going down leg, and Gambhir drives it sway for a boundary. KKR 78/0 after 10.1 overs
* S Singh to Gambhir, and he goes for a big one. Another Six for Riders. KKR 78/0 after 10 overs 
S Singh to G Gambhir, a good length delivery outside off stump. Just a run conceded. KKR 65/0 after 9.3 overs
A Patel to R Uthappa, and here is the first big hit of the inning. SIX! KKR 62/0 after 9 overs  
* End of 8th over: No loss of wickets so far. KKR going reasonable good. Score 51/0 
* GM Singh to R Uthappa again a good length delviery outside off stump. KKR 46/0 after 7.5 overs 
* GM Singh comes to the attack. Uthappa on strike, just one run on a short length going down leg.
* MP Stoinis to G Gambhir and another boundary. Gambhir pulls it away for a Four! KKR 40/ after 6 overs
* A Patel to G Gambhir, a full length just outside off stump. KKR 32/2 after 5 overs.  
* A Patel to G Gambhir, this time its a good length outside off stump.
* A Patel to R Uthappa, one run, 92.1 km/h short length on off stump.
* End of 4th over: Nine runs conceded in the over. Both Gambhir and Uthappa on the field. KKR 30/0
* M Sharma to G Gambhir and again a short length delivery outside off stump; just a single.
* M Sharma back into the attack, uthappa on strike, a short lenth outside off stump, and Uthappa drives it towards the boundary. First boundary for Uthappa. KKR  26/0 after 3.1 overs
* MP Stoinis to Gambhir and the skipper again goes for a boundary. KKR 21/0
* End of 2nd over: KKR 12/0
* M Sharma to Gambhir and he hits towards the first boundary of the game. KKR 6/0 after 1.3 overs
M Sharma to G Gambhir, a good length just outside off stump, no run conceded. KKR 2/0 after 1.1 overs
* End of 1st over: KKR 2/0. 
* Gambhir on strike. Sandeep to Gambhir, shoots a short length just outside off stump but no runs scored. KKR 1/0 after 0.3 overs
* Sandeep Sharma to R Uthappa, one run, a full length outside off stump. Uthappa picks up a single. KKR 1/0 after 0.2 overs
* Sandeep Sharma to R Uthappa, a good length on off stump but no run. 
* Sandeep Sharma opens KXIP’s bowling attack.
Kings XI Punjab win the toss and elect to field
Ahead of the game, KXIP players gearing up for their match against KKR 


KKR during the practice session:


 Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and decided to field first against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden gardens in Kolkata. Desperate for more wins, it would be interesting to see how the team take on Kolkata Knight Riders after they thrased Gujarat Lions in the previous match.
Comparitivley, the Riders are in a much better position since they are at No.3 spot in the points table. The team has registered five wins out of eight matches so far in the tournament, and will be pumped with a win in their last match too.
The Punjab outfit, which hasn’t had a great time in the tournament would be pleased with a win in the last match against table toppers Gujarat Lions.
Punjab inspiration could be defending champions Mumbai Indians, which in the last season gained the momentum after losing 5 matches in a row.
After being replaced as the captain, the team would be expecting David Miller to perfom and elevate Punjab on the points table.
Punjab may miss Shaun Marsh, who has saved several games for the team in early seasons of the IPL. However, his absence could translate an opportunity for South African batsman Farhaan Behardien to cover the middle order.
Kolkata Knight Riders: 1 Robin Uthappa (wk), 2 Gautam Gambhir (capt), 3 Shakib Al Hasan, 4 Manish Pandey, 5 Suryakumar Yadav, 6 Yusuf Pathan, 7 Andre Russell, 8 Piyush Chawla, 9 Umesh Yadav, 10 Morne Morkel, 11 Sunil Narine
Kings XI Punjab: 1 M Vijay (capt), 2 Manan Vohra, 3 Marcus Stoinis, 4 Glenn Maxwell, 5 David Miller, 6 Wriddhiman Saha, 7 Farhaan Behardien/Gurkeerat Singh, 8 Axar Patel, 9 KC Cariappa, 10 Mohit Sharma, 11 Sandeep Sharma
Pitch and Conditions
The pitch at the Eden Gardens may help the spinners a bit, however, out of two matches which have been played here, team chasing the total have won the game. 

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