Kolkata: Chasing a total of 159 set by Kolkata Knight Riders, Gujarat Lions, riding on a steady start by Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum, and a quickfire 51 off 29 by Dinesh Karthik, beat the hosts by 5 wickets at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.   
Man of the Match: Praveen Kumar
Gujarat beat in-form Kolkata by 5 wickets
And some dramatic wickets falling down here, some cheer to Kolkata fans
GL need 1 run in 16 balls, scores level
End of 17th Over: Gujarat 156/3. Runs: 5. Wickets: 1
16.3 B Hogg to R Jadeja, no run on a good length delivery.
16.2 B Hogg to D Karthik, he tries to finish it off in style but beaten and stumped, Out! 
B Hogg’s over 
GL need 8 runs in 24 balls
End of 16th Over: Gujarat 151/3. Runs: 16. Wickets: 0
* 15.4 Chawla to Finch, Six! What a powerful shot for maximum runs. 
* 15.3 Chawla to Finch, Four! It’s raining boudnaries here
* 15.2 Chawla to Karthik, just a single on a good length delivery
Chawla’s over 
End of 15th Over: Gujarat 135/2. Runs: 15. Wickets: 0
* Shakib to Finch, and this time it’s a Six! Gujarat Lions are going super smoothly here. No sign of any pressure.  
* Shakib to Finch, and another boundary, Four runs. 
Shakib’s over
End of 14th Over: Gujarat 120/3. Runs: 9. Wickets: 1
* 13.6 Russell to Karthik, and he’s playing in this style, Four! runs
Finch the new batsman in
* 13.5 Russell to Raina, he tries to clear the ground but taken, Out! GL 116/3
* 13.4 Russell to Karthik, one run conceded. It was a short lenght delivery
* 13.2 Russell to Karthik, boundary, Lions are getting almost one boundary in a over
Russell’s over
End of 13th Over: Gujarat 111/2. Runs: 8. Wickets: 0
* Morkel to Karthik, Four! Welcome boundary there for GL, 110/2 
* Morkel to Raina, just a single on that good lenght delivery
Morkel’s over
End of 12th Over: Gujarat 103/2. Runs: 10. Wickets: 0
11.6 Yadav to Karthik, two runs conceded, has hit on the off side. 
11.5 Yadav to Raina, just a single on that short lenght delivery
11.2 Yadav to Karthik, Six! Superb shot there by Karthik, Gambhir is not happy.   
Yadav’s over
End of 11th Over: Gujarat 93/2. Runs: 4. Wickets: 0
* 10.6 Morkel to Raina, and a dot ball.
* 10.4 Morkel to Karthik, one run on a short length on off stump.
* 10.3 Morkel to Karthik, no run, couldn’t get anything on that short length delivery
Morkel’s over 
End of 10th Over: Gujarat 89/2. Runs: 8. Wickets: 0
* 9.6 yadav to Raina, snicks it off towards led side, one run taken. GL 89/2
* 9.5 Yadav to karthik, another quick single. GL 88/2
* 9.4 Yadav to Raina, single on a good length delivery   
* 9.3 Yadav to Karthik, a quick singel between the wickets
* 9.2 Yadav to Karthik, and he pulls it towrds the boundary, nice shot.  
 U Yadav’s over 
End of 9th Over: Gujarat 81/2. Runs: 14. Wickets: 0
* 8.5  B Hogg to D Karthik, Four on a full length just outside off stump.
* 8.4 B Hogg to D Karthik, Four, racing towards the boundary  
B Hogg’s over
Karthik the new man in
End of 8th Over: Gujarat 67/2. Runs: 13. Wickets: 1
* 7.5 Chawla to McCullum, and it’s a Wicket! this time. Chawla sents back the danger man. GL 67/2
* 7.4 Chawla to Raina, a full length outside off stump, gets one run. 
* 7.1 Chawla to McCullum, just a single on a good length delivery
Chawla’s over
End of 7th Over: Gujarat 63/1. Runs: 17. Wickets: 0
* 6.6 Morkel to McCullum, this time it’s just a single.
* 6.4 Morkel to McCullum, and again, Six! for McCullum, it seems he wants to end the game early. GL 62/1
* 6.3 Morkel to McCullum, a dot ball this time. 
* 6.2 Morkel to McCullum, he goes again, Six1 this time. GL 56/1
* 6.1 Morkel to McCullum, and a smashing hit, Four runs, another boundary. 
Morkel’s over
End of 6th Over: Gujarat 46/1. Runs: 10. Wickets: 1
* 5.3 Shakib to Smith, tries to go for a big one, but beaten, Out! Smith goes for 27. GL 42/1 
* 5.2 Shakib to Smith and it’s a Six! What a shot! Maximum runs. GL 42/0
Shakib’s over
End of 5th Over: Gujarat 36/0. Runs: 2. Wickets: 0
* 4.6 Chawla to McCullum, and a dot. 
* 4.3 Chawla to Smith, one run conceded on a full length delivery
* 4.1 Chawla to McCullum, one run on good length delivery. 
Piyush Chawla’s over 
End of 4th Over: Gujarat 34/0. Runs: 11. Wickets: 0
* 3.6 Russel to Smith, no run conceded on a short length delivery
* 3.4 Russel to Smith, Four runs again on a full toss down the leg
* 3.1 A Russell to B McCullum, one run on a full length just outside off stump.
Russell’s over
End of 3rd Over: Gujarat 23/0. Runs: 13. Wickets: 0
* 2.6 Shakib to McCullum, and another four, it’s McCullum this time. GL 23/0
* 2.4 Shakib to Smith, Four! again, the fielder just gave up on that one. GL 18/0 
* 2.2 Shakib to Smith, boundary, a fine shot there by Smith on a good length down the leg. GL 14/0
Shakib’s over
End of 2nd Over: Gujarat 10/0. Runs: 9. Wickets: 0
* 1.6 Morkel to McCullum, a dot ball again 
1.5 Morkel to McCullum, no run on a short length delivery
* 1.3 Morkel to McCullum and he picks a boundary there. Four! GL 10/0 
Morkel’s over
Gujarat Lions to begin the chase
 Kolkata set a target of 159 runs for Gujarat
End of 20th Over: Kolkata 158/4. Runs: 13. Wickets: 0
* 19.6 Bravo to Shakib, tries to hit a four but saved by fielder in the end. KKR 158/4
* 19.6 Bravo to Y Pathan, and a wide ball. 1 bye’s also taken.  
* 19.4 Bravo to Shakib, tried to throw a yorker, just a single on it 
* 19.3 Bravo to Shakib, and he goes for a big one, Six! KKR 153/4
* 19.1 Bravo to Shakib, full length delivery, just a single 
Bravo’s over
End of 19th Over: Kolkata 145/4. Runs: 12. Wickets: 0
18.4 Kumar to Shakib, biudnary on a full toss, needed runs for Kolkata. KKR 145/4
* 18.2 Kumar to Shakib, boundary, Four runs. KKR 138/4 
* 18.1 Kumar to Y Pathan, just a single on a full length delivery
Kumar’s over
End of 18th Over: Kolkata 133/4. Runs: 14. Wickets: 0
* 17.6 Bravo to Shakib, a good length delivery just outside off stump, no run conceded 
So far a good over for Riders 
* 17.5 Bravo to Y Pathan, hits it towards off side, KKR 133/4  
* 17.4 Bravo to Y Pathan, beaten, no run. 
* 17.2 Bravo to Shakib, Six! again, Shakib taking Bravo, KKR 131/4
17.1 Bravo to Shakib, and its the big one this time, Six runs. KKR 125/4
Bravo’s over
End of 17th Over: Kolkata 119/4. Runs: 11. Wickets: 0
* 16.6 Kulkari to Shakib, a mid-level bouncer, one run conceded. 
* 16.5 Kulkarni to Shakib, another single taken, on a good lenth delivery outsdie off stump
* 16.4 Kulkarni to Y Pathan, hits it towards the deep leg, just one run. KKR 116/4 
* 16.3 (wide ball)
* 16.2 Kulkarni to Y Pathan, a short lenght targeted on middle stump, no run conceded. KKR 112/4
* 16.1 Kulkarni to Y Pathan, he smashes it this time, and it went for Four, KKR 112/4
Kulkarni’s over
Fifty for Yusuf Pathan
End of 16th Over: Kolkata 108/4. Runs: 10. Wickets: 0
15.6 Bravo to Y Pathan, a short length delivery, one run taken.
15.5 Bravo to Shakib, sweep shot, just one run there. KKR 107/4
15.1 Bravo to Shakib, massive hit, maximum runs, Six. 100 comes up for KKR, 104/4 
 Bravo’s over
End of 15th Over: Kolkata 98/4. Runs: 10. Wickets: 0
* 14.6, Jadeja to Y Pathan, two runs conceded. 
* 14.5, Jadeja to Y Pathan, Four runs, required boundary for rides. 
* 14.1 Jadeja to Y Pathan, he hits it hard, but massive piece of fielding there. Just 1 one conceded. KKR 
Jadeja’s over
End of 14th Over: Kolkata 88/4. Runs: 5. Wickets: 0
* 13.6 Tambe to Y Pathan, straight drive, but just a single. 
* 13.5 P Tambe to Shakib, flicks it on the led side, just one run. 
Tambe’s over
End of 13th Over: Kolkata 83/4. Runs: 9. Wickets: 0
* 12.5 Jadeja to Y Pathan, tries to go for a big one but missed both by batsman and the keeper, Four! leg byes  
* 12.1 Jadeja to Y Pathan, one run on a good lenght delivery. 
Jadeja’s over
End of 12th Over: Kolkata 74/4. Runs: 10. Wickets: 0
* 11.6 Tambe to Shakib, shot, Four runs on a short length delivery.  
* 11.3 Tambe to Y Pathan, another boundary, hit that one hard. Needed boundaries for Kolkata here
Tambe’s over
End of 11th Over: Kolkata 64/4. Runs: 7. Wickets: 0
* Jadeja to Y Pathan, just a single.  
* Jadeja to Y Pathan, and drives it away for a boundary, four runs. KKR 62/4 
Jadeja’s over
End of 10th Over: Kolkata 57/4. Runs: 14. Wickets: 0
* 9.6 Kaushik to Al Hasan, hits a good length delivery, one run taken there. KKR 57/4  
* 9.4 Kaushik to Y Pathan, and it’s a big hit, first six of the Kolkata innings, fifty comes up for Kolkata 

* 9.3 Kaushik to Y Pathan, one run on short length delivery, KKR 44/4 

Kaushik’s over 


End of 9th Over: Kolkata 43/4. Runs: 2. Wickets: 0
* 8.4 Bravo to Y Pathan, he hits it slightly hard but covered by the fielder there, 1 run conceded. KKR 43/4  
* 8.3 Bravo to Y Pathan, dot ball, a bit wide, Pathan tries to avoid it. KKR 42/4
* 8.2 Bravo to Shakib, pushes on the leg side, 1 run taken. KKR 42/4 
Dwayne Bravo comes to the attack
End of 8th Over: Kolkata 41/4. Runs: 8. Wickets: 0
* 7.5 Four! A welcome and needed boudnary for Riders here. Shakib at it. 
End of 7th Over: Kolkata 33/4. Runs: 5.  Wickets: 0.  
* 6.5 Kulkarni to S Al Hasan, in the air, there an opportunity for the fielder in the deep and dropped,  
* 6.4 Kulkarni to Yusuf Pathan, he drives towards the on side, one run conceded. KKR 32/4 
Dhawal Kulkarni’s over
End of 6th Over: Kolkata 28/4. Runs: 7.  Wickets: 1.  
* 5.5 Smith to Suryakumar Yadav, and he’s out, What a spectacular catch there on the slip. Yadav goes for 4. KKR 28/4  
Dwayne Smith’s over 
End of 5th Over: Kolkata 21/3. Runs: 0.  Wickets: 0.  
* 4.6 Praveen to Yadav, no run on good length on leg stump. 
* 4.4 Praveen to Yadav, tries to flick it of on the led side, but no run conceded. 
End of 4th Over: Kolkata 21/3. Runs: 4.  Wickets: 1.  
* Uthappa fails to shine, Kolkata in trouble now, 21/3 after 4 overs
*  Early blows to Kolkata, Gambhir, Pandey back to pavilion, KKR 15/2 after 2.3 overs
* Gujarat Lions win the toss and elect to field
Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (captain), Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Brad Hogg, Shakib Al Hasan, Umesh Yadav, Morne Morkel, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Jason Holder, Manan Sharma, Colin Munro, Kuldeep Yadav, Sheldon Jackson, Ankit Rajpoot, Jaydev Unadkat, Rajagopal Sathish,
Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (captain), Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch, Dinesh Karthik, Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Ishan Kishan, Praveen Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shivil Kaushik, Sarabjit Ladda, Amit Mishra, Akashdeep Nath, Dwayne Bravo, Paras Dogra, Eklavya Dwivedi, Shadab Jakati, Pradeep Sangwan, Jaydev Shah, Umang Sharma, Dale Steyn, Pravin Tambe, Andrew Tye.
End of 11th Over: Gujarat 93/2. Runs: 4. Wickets: 0