AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match. 
Highest run-scorer: AB de Villiers 79 runs 
Most wicket-taker: Shane Watson and DR Kulkarni (4 wickets each) 
* After 18.2 overs: Royal Challengers Bangalore are 159/6. Royal Challengers Bangalore beats Gujarat Lions by 4 wickets. It was a marvellous evening for the Royal Challengers’ fans as they realised that there is another hero besides Captain Virat Kohli. AB de Villiers’ unbeaten 79 runs carried Royal Challengers swiftly towards victory when all hopes were lost. And slowly as the match progressed and the boundaries increased, Royal Challengers realised that the match was rapidly coming to their side. Pertaining to this fact, Kohli’s enthusiasm was apparent. Gujarat Lions’ Captain Suresh Raina squinted helplessly at every boundary, but he could not help accept the fact that they had overlooked another phenomenal batsmen. A good match from both sides at Bangalore, a one-man win for the Royal Challengers, 
* After 10 overs: Royal Challengers Bangalore are 70/6. Virat Kohli went out for a duck, what followed after him was a row of batsmen frazzled to their core from the Gujarat Lions bowlers. The pitch has been favorable towards bowlers on Tuesday’s match there is no denying that, but the loss of wickets in both the teams was unprecedented. The fall of Kohli’s wicket gave a huge boost to the morales of the Gujarat Lions players. But a score of 158 is not too big a target for the Royal Challengers. If they burn out their players but break few boundaries once in a while, the match could still very much remain within their side. Wickets: Virat Kohli 0 run, Chris Gayle 9 runs, KL Rahul 0, Shane Watson 1 run, Sachin Baby 0 run, STR Binny 21 run, Iqbal Abdulla 31 runs. 
* After 20 overs: Gujarat Lions are 158/10. Gujarat Lions goes all out in the last ball. Granted that the pitch in Chinnaswamy stadium was more favourable towards the bowlers, the loss of wickets in the first half was unprecedented. Royal Challengers Bangalore did their best to defend the lines and take out wickets wherever necessary. The bowlers had a celebration in Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore today, and they’ll be having more reasons to celebrate if the Royal Challengers are able to serve to the rhythm of the bowlers. Wickets: Karthik 26 runs, Ravindra Jadeja 3 runs, DJ Bravo 8 runs, ER Dwivedi 19 runs, P Kumar 1 run, DS Kulkarni 10 runs, Dwayne Smith 73 runs 
* After 10 overs: Gujarat Lions are 58/3. Never has the batsmen machinery fail so badly for the Gujarat Lions in its Indian Premier League stint in 2016. Suresh Raina, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch all failed to register even a meager score for the Gujarat Lions. If they’re not able to keep Gujarat Lions innings above the 170 threshold, there will be no doubt about Royal Challengers’ win today at Bangalore. Wickets: Aaron Finch 4, Brendon McCullum 1 run, Suresh Raina 1 run
The Challengers has dominated the match till now with some superb bowling and aggressive fielding. Three more wickets in the next five overs and Virat Kohli will be all smiles. 
* Royal Challengers Bangalore won the toss and elected to bowl first for the match. 
Gujarat Lions players are haunted by the thought of facing a Royal Challengers backed by the indomitable power of Virat Kohli. Not only has the one-man-show gained more traction than ever, it is on the brink of breaking records: a dangerous trend to put your team against. Suresh Raina knows that the task at hand on Tuesday’s match in Bangalore will be arduous one, but he knows a thing or two that has elevated the type of games the Gujarat Lions play in the pitch. 
In this qualifier 1 match of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Royal Challengers Bangalore will be looking forward to continue their amazing run for the title. All eyes will be on players like Virat Kohli, Chirs Gayle, Shane Watson, and Ab de Villiers. 
Weather in Bangalore
With temperatures lower than normal and precipitation high in the air, there is a chance that the match might see some drizzle of not a deluge. A moderate 33 degrees Celcius is suppose to climb down in the evening. 
Gujarat Lions 
Suresh Raina (Captain), S Ladda, AD Nath, Amit Mishra, DJ Bravo, P Dogra, ER Dwivedi, JP Faulkner, AJ Finch, Ishan Kishan, RA Jadeja, SB Jakati, KD Karthik, S Kaushik, DS Kulkarni, P Kumar, BB McCullum, PJ Sangwan, JN Shah, UA Sharma, DR Smith, DW Steyn, PV Tambe, AJ Tye
Royal Challengers Bangalore 
V Kohli (Captain), VR Aaron, AN Ahmed, S Aravind, STR Binny, YS Chahal, AB de Villiers, P Dubey, CH Gayle, TM Head, Iqbal Abdulla, KM Jadhav, CJ Jordan, AK Karnewar, SN Khan, VS Malik, Mandeep Singh, Parvez Rasool, HV Patel, KL Rahul, KW Richardson, Sachin Baby, T Shamsi, V Tokas, SR Watson, D Wiese