New Delhi: The San Siro Stadium in Milan will witness the largest organised crowd-frenzy on Saturday night. Real Madrid will run the field with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League finale in Milan, and contrary to Real Madrid being an established brand across the globe (churning out more fans), the favored team to win the match will be Atletico, the underdogs in the Champions League who have played every game with the persistence of a watchmaker. Diego Simeone’s Argentinian temper which relies on the undying loyalty of every Atletico player might help in resuscitating from every small mistake the team makes today, but Simeone’s player might run into the calamituous audacity of Real Madrid, a final-fight attitude that Real Madrid has perfected with experience.

Atletico Madrid relies heavily on the lethality of solid teamwork, a strategy which has repeatedly enabled them to boost both their defence and attack in the shuffle on the field. It will be undeniable that Atletico will score in tonight’s match, but what will matter most is that when and how they will score. If there is even a glitch present in what is supposedly a perfected team pushed by an aggressive and passionate coach, then a breakdown in the centre will occur, affecting the play of each player every passing minute. A crossover from Niguez towards Torres and Griezmann will depend heavily upon how Godin clears the ball minutes before the ball reaches Niguez, and Gabi’s run towards the defence will depend upon how Griezmann connects with the ball sent by Niguez. Atletico’s strategy works as a highly effective machinery that can perform regardless of the situation on the other side.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, has a different story to tell for every one of their victories. Players with supreme skills and the capability to inflict a last-minute damage to the opponent have not only defined the uniqueness of their attack, it has also solidified their defence in a way which has made it impenetrable without the assistance of midfielders. A last-minute goal from Sergio Ramos, a sprint from Cristiano Ronaldo and a cross from Benzema all pose a serious threat to Atletico’s historic quest for the title. Call Real Madrid’s character of individualism a disadvantage, but it will be hard to negate the fact that this individualism has lead to some of the most magnificent and indefensible goals in football history. A through ball to Ronaldo or Bale can just prove as dangerous as letting Atletico’s defence formation close into an offence.

Atletico Madrid has as much a chance of winning as Real Madrid, but because of experienced players, a volatile game, a historic derby and players in their prime, Atletico Madrid will be the team which will easily succumb to the bedlam of a historic football match.

The Champions League finale is set to begin at 12:15 am (Indian Standard Time) on Sunday.  

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