New Delhi: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has come out and defended Bollywood actor Salman Khan on the Rio Goodwill Ambassador issue.
IOA senior vice president Tarlochan Singh while speaking to NewsX said, “Salman Khan is right. He has not been treated in the right manner as compared to Sachin and A R Rahman. He has been unduly criticised by the media and his critics. He is an icon and an ambassador. He is not taking any money from IOA. So why criticise him? It’s not justified.”
Earlier Salman Khan had hit back at critics who had raised questions about his appointment as Indian contingent’s Goodwilll Ambassador for Rio Games. 
The actor had questioned the contrast in the kind of the media coverage that Tendulkar and Rahman received as compared to him. 
“The media should have done the same thing (criticised the other goodwill ambassadors) when Sachin and Rahman were roped in. Why didn’t that happen? Why did the media not give them the same kind of coverage they gave me?” Salman had  questioned.