New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with NewsX , Indian tennis legend Vijay Amritraj criticised the recent French Open mixed doubles winner Leander Paes and said the tennis star is unnecessarily prolonging his career.

Amritraj said that Paes has well past his prime and said “no one these days watches doubles tennis as it is not interesting”.

Vijay Amritraj, a tennis legend of the country and also a sports commentator, when asked where he places Leander in Indian Tennis history and his record 7th participation in Olympics, here is what he said:

“I don’t know what events he (Leander) is participating in. Doubles are of no value, no interest. It occupies not even a column in international tennis. It’s sad to see him and other Indians only compete in doubles. Doubles tennis is neither watched nor followed much globally. Neither it generates interests nor it’s challenging or of high quality.”

Paes, the 42-year-old veteran recently completed his Career Grand Slam in mixed doubles tennis by winning the 2016 French Open with his tennis partner Martina Hingis and is now looking forward to represent the country in the upcoming Olympics.

This statement from a former sports person of the same seed can be very discouraging for the French Open winner and hamper is performance in the coming Games.

Let’s just hope Leander responds to this with some more titles in the coming tournaments.

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