Harare: Chasing a paltry total of 127 runs against Zimbabwe in the second ODI at Harare, India thrashed the hosts by 8 wickets with 119 balls remaining. Rayudu and Nair didn’t give an iota of a chance to the hosts to bounce back in the game. India now claims the series with 2-0 lead. 
Indian openers Karun Nair and Lokesh Rahul put up a decent start and added over 50 runs for the first wicket. However, Rahul who smashed 33 runs 50 balls, lost his wicket playing a poor shot.
Indian batsmen were off to a cautious start at Harare, posting 48/0 in 13 overs. Openers Karun Nair and Lokesh Rahul held fort, playing their shots at merit. 
Team India opted to field after winning the toss for the second ODI. Zimbabwe continued with their rusty form and lost wickets on the trot while the Indian bowlers found a rare line and length to maximise their terror on the home team. This is MS Dhoni’s first overseas series win  as skipper in the past 20 months.
India beat Zimbabwe by 8 wickets in the second ODI
26.5 S Raza to M Pandey, and he finishis the game in style Four runs. India wins
26.4 S Raza to Nair, and Out! Nair lbw b S Raza goes for 39

Raza to deliver 27th over
End of 26th over: India 124/1, Wickets: 0

25.3 Cremer to Rayudu, just one run conceded. India need 3 runs to win.
25.2 Cremer to Nair, another single brings the win much closer.
25.1 Cremer to Rayudu, just a single 1 run, India very close to mark the second win

Cremer to deliver 25th over
End of 24th over: India 119/1, Wickets: 0

24.3 S Raza to Rayudu, and another dot ball
24.2 S Raza to Nair, goes for a single. India need 6 more to win 
24.1 S Raza to Nair, and a dot ball.

Raza to bowl 25th over
End of 24th over: India 117/1, Wickets: 0
23.4 Cremer to Rayudu, another Four! It’s Rayudu this time 

23.3 Cremer to Nair, this time its a single.
23.2 Cremer to Nair, and he’s not going to stop it seems. Boundary! more runs for India

Cremer to deliver 24th over
End of 23rd over: India 108/1, Wickets: 0

22.4 Chibhabha to Rayudu, another superb hit! Four. It seems India wants to end it as soon as possible
22.3 Chibhabha to Rayudu, smashing hit; straight away for a Four!
22.2 Chibhabha to Rayudu, and he delivers a dot ball.

Chibhabha to bowl 23rd over 
End of 22st over: India 100/1, Wickets: 0
Hundered comes up for team India

21.3 Chigumbura to Rayudu, and its a wide this time; so far a good over for India 
21.2 Chigumbura to Rayudu, two consecutive boundaries in two balls
21.1 Chigumbura to Rayudu, another boundary! Four, good short by Rayudu. 

End of 21st over: India 88/1, Wickets: 0

20.4 Chibhabha to Nair, and he hits a Four on a free-hit delivery
20.3 Chibhabha to Nair, and it’s a noball. Team India a free-hit. 
20.2 Chibhabha to Nair, no run. Zimbabwe bowlers are trying to hard to somehow stall Indian batsmen.
Chibhabha to deliver 21st over  

End of 20th over: India 83/1, Wickets: 0

19.6 Chigumbura to Rayudu, another wide in the over. 
19.5 Chigumbura to Rayudu, gets a double
19.5 Chigumbura to Rayudu, more runs for India, a wide ball and keeper too missed it.

End of 18th over: India 72/1, Wickets: 0

17.5 Chatara to Rayudu, this time it’s a single. 
17.2 Chatara to Rayudu, a dot ball.
17.1 Chatara to Rayudu, no run scored.

India need 56 in 32.4 overs.
End of 17th over: India 71/1, Wickets: 0
16.5 Chibhabha to Nair, no run
16.4 Chibhabha to Nair, goes for a double.
16.3 Chibhabha to Rayudu, just a single.

End of 16th over: India 68/1, Wickets: 0
15.4 Chatara to Rayudu, FOUR, consecutive boundaries for Rayudu. India making quick work of the target.
15.3 Chatara to Rayudu, FOUR, Chatara duly punished. 
15.2 Chatara to Rayudu, no run.

End of 15th over: India 54/1, Wickets: 1
14.5 Chibhabha to Rayudu, a dot ball in an eventful over. 
14.4 Chidbhabha to Rahul, Bowled. First breakthrough for Zimbabwe.
14.1 Chibhabha to Rahul, Leans forward to play a sweet shot to score 3 runs.

End of 14th over: India 54/0, Wickets: 0
13.4 Chatara to Rahul, clips away a straight ball for 2 runs. 50 up for Team India.
13.3 Chatara to Rahul, , no runs scored.
13.2 Chatara to Nair, a run taken off as leg-byes.
13.1 Chatara to Nair, a dot ball.

End of 13th over: India 48/0, Wickets: 0

12.6 Chibhabha to Rahul, no run, Maiden over for Zim, but no sign of pressure on Team India
12.2 Chibhabha to Rahul, dot ball. No run conceded. 
12.1 Chibhabha to Rahul, and another dot ball. It was a full length delivery and Rahul quite well defended it.

Chibhabha  to deliver 13th over
End of 12th over: India 48/0, Wickets: 0

11.3 Cremer to Rahul, again just a single 
11.2 Cremer to Rahul, just a single
11.1 Cremer to Rahul, a full length delivery but no run conceded. 

Cremer to deliver 12th over
End of 11th over: India 45/0, Wickets: 0
India need 82 runs more to win in 39 overs 
Rahul was dropped by Raza at 23. 


10.3 Chibhabha to Rahul, just a single on a ball aimed at mid-wicket 
10.2 Chibhabha to Rahul, again a dot ball
10.1 Chibhabha to Rahul, no run

Chibhabha to deliver 11th over
End of 10th over: India 42/0, Wickets: 0

9.3 Chatara to Nair and he for 2 runs
9.2 Chatara to Rahul, 1 run, Rahul flicks it off for a single.
9.1 Chatara to Rahul, no run conceded
Chatara to deliver 10th over

End of 9th over: India 39/0, Wickets: 0
8.4 Chibhabha to Rahul, in the airr for a while but safely landed! 

8.3 Chibhabha to Rahul, another dot ball; no run
8.2 Chibhabha to Rahul, a short of length delivery but no run conceded

8.1 Chibhabha to Nair, just a single, both the openers are keeping good with a mix of boundaries and singles.
Chibhabha to deliver 9th over
End of 8th over: India 37/0, Wickets: 0

7.3 Chatara to Rahul, and a dot ball. No run conceded on a short of length delivery
7.2 Chatara to Rahul, boundary! Four more for Team India. 
7.1 Chatara to Rahul, no run
Chatara to deliver 8th over
End of 7th over: India 29/0, Wickets: 0

6.3 Chibhabha to Nair, no run. 
6.2 Chibhabha to Nair, no run picked on a pitched up delivery
6.1 Chibhabha to Rahul, just a single on it. 

Chibhabha to deliver 7th over
End of 4th over: India 17/0, Wickets: 0
3.3 Muzarabani to Rahul, this time its a dot ball.

3.2 Muzarabani to Rahul, and another hit by Rahul, boundaries coming easily for Team India here, no sign of pressure
3.1 Muzarabani to Rahul, full length and outside the off stump! No run conceded

End of 3rd over: India 13/0, Wickets: 0

2.5 Chatara to Nair, another boundary, this time Nair at it! More runs for team India
2.4 Chatara to Nair, no run.
2.3 Chatara to Nair, no run. Couldn’t just get on with that full length delivery

Chatara to deliver 3rd over
End of 2nd over: India 9/0, Wickets: 0

1.5 Muzarabani to Rahul, and he goes for a boundary this time. Four! runs. First boundary of the innings
1.4 Muzarabani to Rahul, no run.
1.3 Muzarabani to Nair, and he flick off for a single.

Muzarabani to deliver 2nd over
End of 1st over: India 0/0, Wickets: 0
0.3 Chatara to Rahul, and it’s the 3rd consecutive dot ball in the ball
0.2 Chatara to Rahul, again a dot ball. Rahul just couldn’t pick up that length delivery
0.1 Chatara to Rahul and he starts with a dot ball, no run.

Chatara to start Zimbabwes’ attack
Zimbabwe bowled out as Sean Williams will not bat.
34.3 Axar to Muzarabani, another chance of an Lbw here and yes the umpire raises the finger. Muzarabani goes for 5.
34.2 Axar to Muzarabani, no run, on a slightly slower delivery.

Axar to bowl 35th over 
End of 34th over: Zimbabwe 124/8. Wickets: 0

33.6 D Kulkarni to Muzarabani, and again a dot ball.
33.2 D Kulkarni to Muzarabani, just 1 run
33.1 D Kulkarni to Cremer, and he picks up a single. 

Kulkarni to deliver 34th over
End of 33rd over: Zimbabwe 121/8. Wickets: 0

32.5 Bumrah to Muzarabani, and some relief for the host here. Four! runs.
32.2 Bumrah to Cremer, no run. Zim just couldn’t get any of the big shots at the moment
32.1 Bumrah to Cremer, no run, again a short length delivery
Bumrah back to the attack
End of 32nd over: Zimbabwe 115/8. Wickets: 1
31.6 D Kulkarni to Muzarabani, no run, on a short length ball
31.4 D Kulkarni to Chatara, Bowled!! Wicket! Chatara goes for 2

31.3 D Kulkarni to Chatara, and the crawling of Zim for runs continues

D Kulkarni to deliver 32nd over
End of 31st over: Zimbabwe 114/7. Wickets: 1

30.4 Bumrah to Chatara, and flicks towatrds the boundary, picks up 2 runs

30.2 Bumrah to Mutumbami, Caught, its Out! Mutumbami goes for 2 runs
30.1 Bumrah to Cremer, just a single on a short length delivery.

Bumrah to the attack now
End of 30th over: Zimbabwe 111/6. Wickets: 0
29.6 D Kulkarni to Cremer, gets a single, leg byes

29.2 D Kulkarni to Mutumbami, no run, on a full length delivery.
29.1 D Kulkarni to Mutumbami, and he starts with a dot ball.

D Kulkarni comes to the attack
End of 29th over: Zimbabwe 109/6. Wickets: 0

28.3 Axar to Mutumbami, again just a single. 
28.2 Axar to Mutumbami, and a dot ball. 
28.1 Axar to Cremer, just a 1 run

Axar to deliver 29th over
End of 28th over: Zimbabwe 107/6. Wickets: 1

27.4 Chahal to Sibanda, and he’s gone, another wicket for Chahal, Sibanda goes for 53, big wicket for India
27.1 Chahal to Sibanda, and the crawling continues. no run. 

End of 27th over: Zimbabwe 107/5. Wickets: 0

26.3 Axar to Sibanda, 3rd consecutive dot ball. The scoreboard is merely crawling.
26.2 Axar to Sibanda, another ball. 
26.1 Axar to Sibanda, and a dot ball. no run conceded

Axar to deliver 27th over
End of 26th over: Zimbabwe 106/5. Wickets: 2

25.3 Chahal to Chigumbura, these seems to be an Lbw!! and yes it is. He’s out, Second wicket for Chahal in the over, Chigumbura goes for duck.
25.2 Chahal to S Raza, and he’s out. Wicket! Raza sent back to the pavalion. 
25.1 Chahal to S Raza, no run, dot ball.

Chahal to deliver 26th over
End of 24th over: Zimbabwe 102/3. Wickets: 0

23.4 Chahal to S Raza, no run, once again shimmies down and is well away from the ball, dabs it adjacent to the wicket on the off-side
23.2 Chahal to Sibanda, just a 1 run, on a good length delivery. Hundered comes up for Zim.
23.1 Chahal to Sibanda, no run,
Chahal to deliver 24th over 

End of 23rd over: Zimbabwe 99/3. Wickets: 0
22.6 Axar to S Raza, another dot ball
22.2 Axar to Sibanda, dot ball, no run
22.1 Axar to Sibanda, and he goes for another boundary! Four more for Zim, 
End of 22th over: Zimbabwe 94/3. Wickets: 0


22.4 Chahal to Sibanda, and he hits a Four! this time. 
20.2 Axar to S Raza, again no run conceded, dot ball.
20.1 Axar to S Raza, tries to hit a relieving shot to put some runs on the board, but couldn’t able to. 
Axar to bowl 21st over 

End of 20th over: Zimbabwe 87/3. Wickets: 0
19.5 Chahal to S Raza, tries with a sweep shot to do some magic, but no run conceded.
19.3 Chahal to Sibanda, no ball, 1 run. 
19.2 Chahal to Sibanda, hits it hard for the boundary, but settle for 2 runs. Good save by the fielder at the deep. 
Chahal to bowl 20th over
End of 19th over: Zimbabwe 80/3. Wickets: 0
18.6 Bumrah to S Raza, this is one was a no run ball. 
18.3 Bumrah to S Raza, stuck hard, hits a boundary. Four! 
18.2 Bumrah to S Raza, again a dot ball.
18.1 Bumrah to S Raza no run on full length delivery. 
Bumrah to bowl 19th over
End of 18th over: Zimbabwe 76/3. Wickets: 0
17.5 Chahal to Sibanda, and he goes for a big one this time, smashing Six
17.3 Chahal to Sibanda, flicks off towards mid-off, gets a single  
Chahal to bowl 18th over
After losing to team India in the first ODI, Zimbabwe couldn’t able to make a good start. The team after 14 overs have already lost 3 wickets with only 61 runs on the board. Attacking the host, Barinder Sran have picked up 2 wickets so far while Dhawal Kulkarni has picked up 1.
In the second ODI vs Zimbabwe, team India won the toss and decided to field. The match is being played at the Harare Sports Club on Monday. 
Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his team blue decided to be on the field with same squad that won the opening match against the African nation by nine wickets. However, Zimbave, made one change in their Playing XI . Sean Williams has called in place of Craig Ervine.
Dhoni’s young Indian brigade, who are currently leading the series 1-0, will aim to continue their momentum and seal the series.
Meanwhile, it will be a do-or-die situation for Zimbabwe, who will head into the second match desperately needing a win in order to stay alive in the series. Earlier, India have registered back-to-back series whitewashes against Zimbabwe , first a 5-0 win in 2013 before completing a 3-0 victory in 2015.
India: MS Dhoni (c), Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Karun Nair, Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, Axar Patel, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jasprit Bumrah, Barinder Sran, Yuzvendra Chahal.
Zimbabwe: AG Cremer (c), C Chibhabha, H Masakadza, R Mutumbami, V Sibanda, CR Ervine, Sikandar Raza, PJ Moor, E Chigumbura, T Muzarabani, TL Chatara.