New Delhi: The Premier League giants Manchester United unveiled their new manager Jose Mourinho on Tuesday. The Portuguese will be taking charge at the Old Trafford this season and has already marked his presence with some dynamic transfers ahead of the season.

The new Red Devil’s boss addressed the press at Old Trafford on Tuesday morning, the three-time Premier League winner was utterly delighted on being selected for the job and said that “he is at the place where everyone wants to be” and he has been given the job that everyone wants.

It was a brilliant first press meeting by the new boss with everything that was expected. Jose talked about a lot of things such as Champions League, young talent at the club, Wayne Rooney and his role in the upcoming season.

Here is an extract of what Jose Mourinho revealed at his first press conference as a Manchester United manager

“It is difficult for me to describe and find the right words for this club. I don’t like the denomination that people use like ‘dream job’. This is not a dream job, this is reality – I am Manchester United manager. The reality is that this is a job that everyone wants, but not many people get to have, yet I have it,” he enthused.

“I know the responsibility, the expectation, the legacy and what is behind me at this club. I know what the fans expect of me and this challenge doesn’t make me nervous because my history in the last ten years is to live with big clubs’ expectations.

“I believe it is the right moment in my career, where I feel very well prepared and stable, with a great motivation. I can say that I am where I want to be; I want to be in this club, I want to be in this country, in the Premier League and the domestic cups.”

Talking about the lack of Champions League football, Mourinho said, “I am a bit disappointed that I am not in the Champions League, as I do not hide that I chase Sir Alex’s records in that competition — the number of matches as a manager. I am around 130 matches, maybe a little bit more or less. Hopefully it will only be one season that we are not there,” he added.

“I say ‘we’ because the club is much more important than myself. Man United is a Champions League club and we have to make sure that in July 2017, instead of waiting for the Europa League, we are ready for the group draw of the Champions League.”

The boss also spoke about skipper Wayne Rooney and said that he is very clear on what position he wants to play the versatile forward. He added that Rooney for him is more of a goal poacher than someone who will pass the ball staying 50 meters away from the nets. Rooney will be perfect as a number 10, 9 or may be 9 and a half but definitely not a number 6.

The fans and all the football fanatics now can’t wait for the new season to see Mourinho-led Manchester United in action.


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