New Delhi: When Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi announced that he was retiring from international football after his side suffered a debilitating loss to Chile in the finals of Copa America, the apparent reaction was one that was of shock.

Since the announcement, many prominent footballers, including Diego Maradona, have pleaded Messi to continue his run with the Argentine team — if not now, Argentina will win in the future. But despite repeated entreaties, Messi has shown no signs of returning or even hinted towards it. That might change with the outcome of the Euro 2016 final.

Portugal is in the finals of the Euro Cup after pulling an upset over Wales in the semi-final; its star striker, the effervescent Cristiano Ronaldo, is in full glory of the game watched all around the world. And if Portugal wins in the final against France, Ronaldo will be establishing a legacy which will be more colourful than that of Lionel Messi.

Whether Leo Messi likes to admit it or not, Ronaldo is one of his biggest arch-rivals, and global fuzz will always associate the two footballers together. If Ronaldo secures the Euro 2016 title, Messi will make an effort to bounce back. After all, 29 is too young an age to establish one’s legacy.

Ronaldo, who is 31-years-old (2 years older than Messi), will be playing teeth and nail in the finals of the Euro 2016 against France at Stade de France.  

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