New Delhi: In a move that could change the way cricket is administered in India, the Supreme Court on Monday accepted recommendations by Justice RM Lodha Committee and has given the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India six months to implement the recommendations.

The recommendations, among others, suggest that there will be no minister in the BCCI. It also puts an age cap of 70.

“Our call was not to restrict or limit the BCCI and its good work. But our year-long effort was to remove the ailing parts, revitalise the body so that it could run a marathon for the betterment of the game. Our job was to restore the pristine glory of the game of which 1.28 billion of the country is passionate for,” Justice Lodha said at a press conference in Delhi.

Justice Lodha also said that betting, a 400 billion dollar industry thriving across the globe, should be legalised but only after enacting relevant laws. He also stated that players and match officials should be barred from indulging in betting and that match and spot fixing should be made a criminal offence.

The apex court also accepted the one-state-one-vote recommendation, allowing exceptions to Maharashtra and Gujarat, who have three different cricketing bodies. The two states

The court has set a time frame of six months for the implementation of the new guidelines on the issue of BCCI under Right to Information was left for the Parliament to decide.

Court also stressed on a key point of an ombudsman with voting powers. The court also accepted Lodha panel’s recommendation to be a member of CAG within BCCI Governing council.