New Delhi: As the NewsX-Pro Sportify ‘The Great India Run’ completes its fourth day, NewsX was joined by another Great India Runner Joginder Chandna. Chandna is an Indian Navy Commodore who comes into ‘The Great India Run’ after a brilliant 2015.

Speaking about Day four of the great run, Chandna said, “We just finished 240 kilometres, it was a tough day. Yesterday it was very hot but today we thought it was going to improve but again it was a hot day. The sun was up, very interesting, tough, but we are here to do this.”

“If you talk about all the runners here, they are here with a purpose, they are here to support sports, running and most importantly, they are here to support Arun Bhardawaj who is probably the best Indian ultra runner as of now. We are all there around him to make sure that he does this entire route from Delhi to Mumbai in less number of days than what has been allotted. If you see the crowd here we have people from Denmark, Russia and some very ordinary runners.” He also said that they have a runner from Kucchh, who works as a daily labourer, wanted to run this and is going strong.   

Chandna, who had finished a 12-hour stadium run clocking in 94 kilometres last year also said, “Human spirit is very very strong. There are a lot of times when you feel why am I doing this and we reach a tipping point. For example, with just 14 kms mark, I thought I am done for the day, I felt so sleepy and tired, we sat down for 5 minutes, had a cup of tea and again we started. So you think sometimes you’re down and out, but deep inside you have the will, the purpose for which you are going and that keeps you going.”

Speaking about other runners, Chandna said, “Everyone is very strong. You have to see it to believe it. Highway running is a different ball game altogether … there is a lot of traffic, dust and pollution pollution … but the support from the crew here is excellent. You have water, drinks, things to eat at every 300, 500 meters and we are all here for a purpose which is to support Arun Bhardawaj to achieve the world record. He set his eyes, so the spirit is strong. The determination is there and we are here to stay.”

Lastly he said, “I just want to congratulate all who are here, there are a lot of guys who are goanna make it to Mumbai for sure … and running as a sport is still building up but I would want the big names in running like Nike, Adidas to support.”