New Delhi: As the runners of the NewsX-Pro Sportify ‘The Great India Run’ stormed through Rajasthan, the marathoners at the end of Day 8 completed 597 kms and were close to reaching the City of Lakes – Udaipur.
Former Indian marathon runner Sunita Godara said, “The only saving grace is that the mountains are there. But 600 km completed in eight days, which means on an average the marathoners are running 75 km, is great. They are doing a great job.” 
“It’s the time when the runners need to really focus on their mental aspect and they need to be very positive. It’s more about the mental race now,” Ace Shooter Shimon Sharif said.
Achknowledging the role of physios’, Sunday Guardian Sports Editor Saji Chacko said, “We have probably overlooked one thing which is the crucial role played by the physios’.”
NewsX-Pro Sportify ‘The Great India Run’ is a cross-country run which will witness 18 Indian and international runners set a new record for the fastest time, covering a distance of 1,480 kms.
On an average, the runners will be running 80 km a day and will most likely be starting at 6 am every morning. 

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