New Delhi: Wrestler Narsingh Yadav who was tested positive in NADA dope test, spoke exclusively to NewsX and stressed on the theory of conspiracy being hatched against him. In an exclusive interview to NewsX, Narsingh Yadav tried to put forward his defence.
NewsX: You were ready for Rio. How shocked are you after this result?
Narsingh: I am absolutely shocked. I have been performing good for the last 15 years. I have never consumed drugs. A conspiracy has been framed against me.
NewsX:  You volunteered for the test yourself. Had you been wrong you would have never done such a thing. Right?
Narsingh: Exactly my point. I tried clarifying the same to National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) DG. Why would I do such a thing at a time when Olympics is round the corner.
NewsX: The banned substance is for increasing weight, but you want to reduce your weight. In such a case why would you consume such a drug?
Narsingh: That is my point. The drug is of no use to me. Someone intentionally contaminated my food or supplements with this substance. 
NewsX: How could have it been done?
Narsingh: Contamination could be done in my food. Also when we go for exercise, anybody can come and mix it in out supplements kept in our room. 
NewsX: Who would benefit by this?
Narsingh: Wrestlers in the 74-kg category would benefit by this. I want a CBI probe and the guilty should be punished. It is after all my career.
NewsX: What would be your next step?
Narsingh: A panel has been formed in NADA and hearing will take place. I will put forward my defence there.