New Delhi: 17th day of NewsX ‘The Great India Run’: 
Amidst heavy showers, the runners of the second leg began their day at 7.30 am from Baapi. The first pit-stop came at 16 kms where the runners took a 35-minute break. One could see happiness on the faces of the runners with the cities of dream, Mumbai just nearby. 
Meanwhile, the runners of the first leg were up too for a rainy day. The run was flagged-off at 6.15 am and their first pit-stop came at 9 am. 
With both the legs of NewsX ‘The Great India Run’ converting soon in Virar, the finishing line is not far for these champions. 
NewsX-Pro Sportify ‘The Great India Run’ is a cross-country run which is witnessing 18 Indian and many international runners participating in a bid to create a new record for the fastest time, covering a distance of 1,480 kms in 21 days.

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