New Delhi: Day 18 of the main run and day 8 of the second leg, NewsX ‘The Great India Run’ has come a long way with just one more day to go to be completed. 
The first leg, the main marathon started from Vasai at 6.15 in the morning and the first halt was taken at 10 am after covering a distance of 24 kms. The day ended with runners completing around 50 kms. 
The second leg started at 7.35 am from Jharothi and the halt was taken at 10.15 am after running 19 kms. 
The biggest surprise of the day was, when running enthusiast Milind Soman’s 80-year-old mother too joined him for a short leg. 
With the Gateway of India just few hours away, the day end saw the runners in good spirit.
“It’s been a great and wonderful experience. It is the third time that I’m covering this route, but never so quickly. I’m really excited to be crossing in to Mumbai tomorrow morning,” former supermodel Milind Soman said. 
NewsX-Pro Sportify ‘The Great India Run’ is a cross-country run which is witnessing 18 Indian and many international runners participating in a bid to create a new record for the fastest time, covering a distance of 1,480 kms in 21 days.

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