New Delhi: Olympics is a quadrennial mega event, also considered as the most prestigious sporting event, with athletes from all across the globe aiming to make a mark on the world stage.

With more than 200 nations participating in Olympic Games, it is a matter of pride for every country to send its team of athletes to participate in the international event. 
Olympics, getting its inspiration from the ancient Olympic Games held during 8th century BC to the 4th century AD, dates back to 1896. Held every four years, Olympic Games has evolved with time. Widening its reach in terms of sports, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) now also hosts Winter Olympics, for winter and ice sports, Paralympic Games for specially-abled athletes and Youth Olympic Games for Teenage athletes. 
Friday evening being the eve of 2016 Olympic Games which are being hosted by Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, let’s have a look at the top 5 countries of the world, which have clinched the maximum number of medals till date.  
1) United States of America: Surpassing other countries in almost all the fields, the US has maintained the same in the field of sports as well. Winning as many as 2400 medals, the United States stand as the country with the highest number of medals. Having as many as 975 gold medals, the country does not lack in number of silver and bronze as well, and has to itself 758 and 667 medals respectively. 
2) Russia: Giving a good competition to the United States but still lagging behind, Russia stands as the second top country to clinch the highest number of medals. With a difference of almost 1000, Russia has in its bag a total of 1409 medals with 527 gold, 442 silver and 440 bronze medals. 
3) Germany: It’s not only Hitler that made Germany the talk of the town, but also the sportspersons it has nurtured. Defeating more than 190 countries in terms of performance, Germany stands at the third position in the list of the highest medal winners. With a total of 1304 medals, Germany might soon be overtaking Russia in Rio. It has to its count 411 gold, 432 silver and 458 bronze medals.
4) Great Britain: Securing a total of 780 medals in the Olympics, the country has succeeded in keeping itself in the top five countries, by standing on the 4th rank as of now. With the attempt of doing the best, the country has earned for itself 236 gold medals, and 272 silver and bronze each.
5) France: It not only has Paris, the fashion hub, as its capital, but also the athletic streak in its people that has helped it to mark its place among the top 5 countries in the Olympics. With 202 gold, 223 silver and 245 bronze the country enjoys the treasure of a total of 670 medals in its sports treasury. 
However, while listing out these countries, it is important to mention that India fails to mark its place even among the top 40 countries. India, being a cricket-mad country lags behind when it comes to showing physical prowess, the quintessential component of athletics.  
We hope India improves on its performance in the 2016 Rio Olympics Games and emerges as, if not the winner, then at least the one with the capability of emerging as the winner. 

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