Rio: India’s only hope of medal in sprinter, Dutee Chand, 20, the only woman sprinter from India who will be participating in the 100m category, revealed a harrowing experience while flying down to Rio for the Olympics.

India’s 100 meter sprinter at the Rio Olympics, revealed that she was forced to complete the 36-hour journey to Rio without her coach. During the journey the managers were travelling in business class while the player was given economy seats.

Speaking to The Quint, Dutee Chand said: “I flew alone from Hyderabad, my coach could not come with me. Managers and others are given Business Class tickets but players are being given economy class. It was a 36-hour journey, I could not get proper sleep or rest. If players are treated like this what kind of performance will we give in Olympics? Players should be taken care of. Those who are representing country are being given economy class and team managers are getting business class. In future Olympians should not face such problem.”

Commenting on the problem, the sprinter further said, “If the comfortable seats were available they should have been availed to the athletes, after all, they are headed to the most important event of their life.”

Sprinter Dutee’s event kicks-off on the 19th of August.

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