New Delhi: The Rio Olympics 2016 woes are not looking to die down any sooner. On Tuesday, divers competing in the prestigious event shared pictures of the diving pool which had turned emerald green much to the athletes dislike.

Tom Daley, UK’s sensational diving athlete, shared a picture on social media which showed the pool used for the men’s synchronised event on Monday which had turned green, next to the water polo pool, which was blue and alright.

Asked about the sudden change in the condition of the pool, there were no explanations given about the sudden change. However, the presence of algae normally results in the water turning green, which is alleviated with the use of chlorine.

Valerie Harwood, chair of the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of South Florida, had an unusual request for the athletes before they competed in the event, “Don’t put your head under water”.

Rio Olympics 2016 has been criticised for lack of facilities and the proper functioning of its many amenities provided for the athletes.


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