Rio de Janeiro: Men’s Olympic diving event has always been a popular one, with the competitors’ hot bodies in the tiniest of Speedo trunks at display.
But thanks to the strategically placed scorecards making them appear naked, the temperature has been soaring on the social media.
The Twitterati were having a field day posting pictures of the divers appearing completely naked because of the on-screen scoreboards that tend to cover their groin area.
“One of the best parts of the Olympics is when the men’s diving scores accidentally cover the athletes’ Speedo’s and make them all look naked,” tweeted American actress Kira Kosarin.
Sharing Kira’s thought another user said: “Why is diving my favourite? Cause the bar on the bottom of the screen looks like they’re naked and it makes me giggle.”
However, there are still some who wondered if the divers were actually naked and hailed the broadcasters for censoring.
“It’s so weird for these Olympic divers to dive in the nude. Bravo to NBC figuring out a way to censor the nudity,” said another Twitter user.

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