New Delhi: After wrestler Narsingh Yadav was banned by CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports) for 4 years, lawyer of National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) said on Friday that the verdict on Narsingh Yadav was expected.
Gaurang Kamath, NADA lawyer said, “I think as far as the law is concerned WADA has upheld the law because any athlete who has been found to be doping. The law is very very clear that he would only get the benefit of sabotage until and unless he proves it. In Narsingh’s matter the evidence which was led by him his own affidavit and documents which he had relied upon didn’t help his case at all. The verdict is as expected”.
Narsingh Yadav on Thursday was slapped a four-year-ban by CAS, WADA filed an application before CAS to challenge the decision of NADA which earlier relieved him.

Narsingh Yadav’s urine sample had tested positive for steroid methandienone on June 25 and July 5. He had alleged that he was victim of sabotage and that his food/supplement or urine had been tampered with.


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