New Delhi: 54-year-old Santiago Lange won a gold medal for Argentina at Rio Olympics. Lange, a cancer survivor and six-time Olympian, won his first gold medal last week and he can’t stop counting the number of times he has cried after receiving the gold medal.

Lance said that these whole games have been incredible for him.

“They have been very emotional games. Watching the racing of my sons, and my sons watching my racing, and today celebrating with them. It’s just been too much for me.”

Lance was diagnosed with cancer last year and had his left lung removed.

“Now when I look back it was a good experience, difficult, but I learned a lot. I was operated on in Barcelona and after five days I was cycling; in a month I was back sailing.

“This may help to give strength to many people who are going through what I have been through. But I prefer to focus on what we did athletically. It was a stone in the road. I became obsessed with getting to Rio very well prepared and we did.”

It is contagious how Lange is so positive about everything in life, His will power shows that nothing can stop him from winning.

Lange has competed in six editions of the Summer Olympics representing Argentina in the year 1988, 1996, 2004, 2008 and 2016.

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