New Delhi: Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel, while addressing the concern raised by Indian athlete OP Jaisha, who blamed the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Rio organisers for her life-threatening condition during her run in the Rio Olympics, on Monday said, “IOA takes care of these things (lack of refreshments) and I will look into the matter.”
The Sports Minister also said, “I didn’t call this a minor incident, but sometimes Sports Ministry is not directly involved in a lot of things.”
“Public things that Sports Ministry is directly involved in, but it’s the IOA and federations that have a huge hand in decision making,” Goel added.
Earlier during the day, OP Jaisha in a telephonic conversation with NewsX said that she was not provided any water by any officials while running the marathon and was severely dehydrated. She fell unconscious for nearly three hours and had almost died after the marathon. 
Jaisha also said that she would have 101% made it at the marathon, had she had got water and refreshments on time during the run.
In Rio, the Indian athlete’s grave condition had taken an ugly turn after her coach Nikolai Snesarev got involved in a heated conversation with a lady doctor at the polyclinic who did not allow him to accompany Jaisha inside the hospital.

Sources later revealed that Snesarev indulged in such behaviour because he was worried that there was no sign of pulse on Jaisha’s body. 

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