New Delhi: Randy Orton fans in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) suffered a disappointing turn of events when the RKO-famed wrestler was injured which meant that he could not compete in a face-to-face match with Bray Wyatt.

To cap off the storyline, Orton was attacked by Bray Wyatt before the match where Wyatt slams the door on Orton’s leg, making him incapable of participating in the WWE Backlash match. Orton was previously injured in a match with Brock Lesnar and was not medically cleared to compete against Bray Wyatt.



So, with Randy Orton injured, the match decisively went towards Bray Wyatt. But victory was not assured as it was announced at the last minute that Wyatt would have to face a replacement for Orton in the Backlash match. And the wrestler who came in place of Orton was the legendary Kane who contested against Wyatt in a no holds barred match.

When it looked like Wyatt would win against Kane, Orton came out and did what he does best: an RKO outta nowhere! And then Kane pinned the wrestler to win the match.

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