New Delhi: Leander Paes does not have anything positive to say when he reminisces about India’s tennis performance at the Rio Olympics; mainly because the Indian tennis star thinks that he and Sania could’ve been a better pair then the Bopanna-Sania pair at the Olympics.

On Monday, Sania Mirza reacted to Paes’ scathing remarks through her Twitter account where she said: “The ONLY way to win with a toxic person, is not to play!!! #karmaiswatching #zenmode.”



Sania’s tweet drew instant support, and among the many retweeters, Bopanna was one of them. After Sania’s tweet, Bopanna also gave his piece of mind on the matter. The player tweeted: “At it again!! …the usual ploy to stay in the news by slanging fellow players in media. #Patriotism.”



Paes had attacked Bopanna and Sania after the interview of their loss against Spain in the Davis Cup where he said that India hadn’t put the best team forward in the past two Olympics.

“I can very, very clearly say that the past two Olympics, we didn’t put the best teams forward. This Olympics — the mixed doubles — was a huge opportunity,” Paes said.