New Delhi: Real Madrid Coach Zinedine Zidane did not hesitate to substitute Cristiano Ronaldo when he saw his side slipping into a tie against Las Palmas. But when the substitution came, a shocked Ronaldo went off from the pitch muttering angrily.  

Albeit Ronaldo had helped to set up the second goal of the game for Madrid by securing a feasible shot for Benzema, he was brought off the pitch in a tactical change which Zidane wanted to be implemented immediately.

Many who watched the match, mostly Real Madrid fans and football analysts, have criticised Ronaldo for placing himself on important levels than the club itself. Most said that Zidane’s decision was understandable as Real Madrid has an upcoming Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday.

Ronaldo’s spell of recent injury is a concern for Real Madrid who wants to make sure that the Portuguese is in prime condition at important games.

“We have a game on Tuesday and we have to give him a rest sometimes,” Zidane said after the match. “He was playing well, I have to choose, and I was thinking about Tuesday.”

“Of course he always wants to stay on the pitch, but I have to think of my players and particularly about Cristiano. We have a game on Tuesday and he has to rest sometimes. This doesn’t change anything,” Zidane said when asked about Ronaldo’s reaction.

Ronaldo has been criticised many a times for being a selfish player, an allegation which has been fiercely protested by his fans.