Vigo (Spain): The Colectivo Nos ultras group, which brings together more than 100 football fan groups of Celta Vigo, declared on Tuesday their ‘dissatisfaction’ and ‘rejection’ of the sale of the Spanish club to a foreign investment group.
The Celta fans acknowledged that Carlos Mouriño, president and majority shareholder of the club, has the right to sell his shares but criticised the sale to an investment fund and the ‘total silence’ the club has maintained about the operation, reports Efe.
Colectivo Nos stressed in their note that selling Celta to Chinese Citic Group would be a ‘sad epilogue’ to a period in which they saw Mouriño as the ‘best’ president in the club’s history.
They also asserted that this sale would go against the values of Mouriño, who defended for years the identity of the club and its relationship with the city of Vigo in particular and Galicia in general.
Colectivo Nos regretted that the president saw Celta as a commodity for investment, and asked him not play with the ‘passion’ of fans and demanded that shares stay in Galician hands, even if that operation is not as profitable economically.