New Delhi: Much has been talked about a make-believe match between unbeaten champion Mayweather and UFC ruler Conor McGregor. But regardless of the feasibility and the impracticality of the match, the two athletes haven’t shied away from calling each other out.

However, a retired Mayweather is more humble than his counter Conor McGregor, whose bigger-than-life attitude juxtaposes itself well with Mayweather.

When asked about the impending fight with Eddie Alvarez on November 12 and what would happen if he wins, the Irish man said this, “I’m looking around, I don’t know what anyone else has for me around here. I might have to jump up, drag Floyd Mayweather out of bed and see what he’s at again.”

When approached by TMZ later, pertaining mainly to the question about a match between him and McGregor, a quieter-than-normal Mayweather said that it was completely fine for McGregor to replace his schtick.

“If he did take anything from me, if he did steal my blueprint then, I think it’s a good thing. I think he’s a hell of a fighter,” he said.

“He can fight. He can box real good. As far as stand up, he’s very good at standing up fighting. Everyone is asking me ‘are we going to fight’ and I just don’t know,” Mayweather said.

The boxer said that he loved retirement, but for a couple of bucks more, he was ready to think things through.