New Delhi: Hyderabad-based paralympian Aditya Mehta was made to remove his prosthetic legs for a security check at the Bengaluru airport on Tuesday.

Aditya said he was asked to remove prosthesis by a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officer when he was about to board a flight to Hyderabad. He said he was asked to remove his prosthesis and wear them again despite requesting the officials.

“They were familiar with my condition but still they did not listen to me. They mocked at me with a look of self-satisfaction. I bled because of the process and I am filing a complaint against the authorities because I can’t wear my prosthetic legs for the next four five days. My injury is aggravated,” Aditya said.

This comes two months after a similar incident involving him took place at the same airport.

Aditya took to Facebook to express his anger. He wrote: Yet again I was forced to remove my prosthetic leg at KIA, Bangalore. Possibly a generous Dussehera gift from CISF – Central Industrial Security Force.

“Sarcasm aside, in my earlier posts, I have already mentioned how painful the procedure is to remove the prosthetics and wear it back. Worth mentioning is the psychological scar that it can leave on a physically challenged person’s mind. Thankfully, I am not that weak mentally. Because this gives me another opportunity to champion the cause for my extended family of physically challenged people in India,” he added.

The silver medallist at the Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2013 said the episode has left a scar on his mind. He also demanded that there should be a full body scanner so that you don’t have to remove your prosthesis.