New Delhi: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is mulling over what may come as one of the toughest decisions he’s taken till now: whether to free-reign Wayne Rooney during the match with Liverpool or whether to keep him bounded.

Wayne Rooney has been the focal point of football analysts for his consecutive weak performances in recent games. When Rooney was abruptly taken off the squad against Leicester City which resulted in a victory for the Red Devils, it was followed by a bleak performance against Stoke.

Rooney is more than ready to prove that his form is temporary, and if he convinces Mourinho that before the Liverpool game, he might step into the pitch to prove his worth to the naysayers.

“People in football have such bloody short memories. He just has to get his confidence back and play in the manner we’re used to seeing, banging in goals. Then everyone will be singing his praises again,” Dwight Yorke said.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wants to make sure that his team is in superb condition to beat the victory-drought Manchester United has witnessed against Liverpool.  Manchester United will be playing Liverpool on 18th October at Anfield.