New Delhi: Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho’s return to Stamford Bridge was going to be something of a splash-and-splash game for the Red Devils, until the lights were turned off and what started off as a fantasy turned into a nightmare. 

In a stadium packed with Chelsea fans, Manchester United was looking to at least register a resounding applause for their performance. However, when Pedro swiftly swerved past David de Gea to score the first goal, the agitation among the players in red had begun.

While Mourinho disparagingly looked from his cubicle to his team, shouting and gnashing every now and then, Chelsea bounced back from attacks repeatedly and posed a threat unlike all Manchester United has seen in recent games.

Similar to how Tottenham played against Manchester City, Chelsea played one of the best games in the season so far. Gary Cahill scored the second goal in the 21st minute, sending the Man United players to the locker room with a dejected mind and body.

David de Gea, although clinical in his executions, could not stop Eden Hazard’s swing inside the post. And N’Golo Kante pulled a beautiful and clever manoeuvre to bring the game decisively towards Chelsea’s side.

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte was ecstatic at the result and did not stop from fully relishing the emotions. Manchester United, despite securing one of the biggest transfers in the last season, has a long way to go and more complex things to deal with.