Mumbai: Tuesday’s episode inside the Bigg Boss house saw many changes with quiet people turning out to be the new troublemakers.
While Nitibha Kaul already showed the aggressive side of her on Monday by taking the place of Priyanka Jagga, Swamiji seemed to get bullied by his own teammates, Manveer Gurjar and Navin Prakash.
Swamiji has started to irk his own team mates and they are not making any efforts to hide their feelings.
Navin Prakash, who is considered to be humble and polite in the house got irked with Om Swamiji and threatened him to stay within limits in today’s episode.
The luxury budget task of the week required the housemates to wash, clean and iron the laundry and each team had to complete a consignment of 35 clothes by the end of the task. Rohan from the celebs group and Nitibha from the ‘Indiawaale’ group were given the responsibility to inspect clothes of the opposition team and put dirty clothes in the reject bin. Towards the end of the task Rohan’s nitpicking irked the commoners Manveer and Navin which ended in an ugly fight. 
In the meantime Swamiji provided some comic relief to the audience by saying that he had contacts in ‘Hollywood’, and now he would be apparently making use of it. Swami also announced his plan of making a 100-cr biopic of his life, featuring prominent Hollywood stars. 
Towards the end, in today’s episode Manu Punjabi acted playful by revealing Mona that he likes women from Kolkata. While Navin and Swamiji pulled Manu’s leg by saying that Mona doesn’t like him, Mona on the other hand avoided the conversation out of embarrassment and was seen blushing.