New Delhi: After Manchester United suffered a debilitating defeat at the hands of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Man U coach Jose Mourinho strode away from the pitch and furiously whispered something to Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.

Pedro, Gary Cahill, Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante scored one each for Chelsea, and every time the ball went pass de Gea, Conte erupted in celebration, the latter more rapturous than the former.

Even when Manchester United sluggishly trailed Chelsea, their fans did not desist on not supporting their team. And this, particularly, was what Jose Mourinho wanted to point out.

(Luckily) A microphone picked up what Jose Mourinho had whispered to Conte, and it was this piece they exchanged in Italian, “Don’t do that [celebrate] at 4-0. 1-0 okay, but 4-0 is humiliating.”

Manchester United will face a struggling Manchester City next. Who do you think will dominate the match?