New Delhi: Its 28th birthday of our favourite icon and most talented Indian international cricketer Virat Kohli, who is currently serving as the captain of the Indian Team for Test Matches and vice-captain in limited-overs formats.

His fans are quite excited for his 28th birthday and are sending their wishes to the birthday boy via all possible medium. We tell you about one such fan of his who is a dedicated cricketer and even accompanied Virat Kohli on ground in 2004. Both of them represented the Delhi U-17 team and have played many matches together.

Sunny Sehrawat, a 26-year-old former cricketer from New Delhi, got himself inked for Cheeku aka Virat Kohli. The tattoo which Sunny got made for Virat’s birthday has his face along with his jersey number 18 on his back as a birthday present as well as a tribute to the cricketer. The tattoo also reads ‘Legend Him Self’.

                                      Sunny sehrawat' Virat Kohli Tattoos

Fascinating fact about the former cricketer Sunny Sehrawat is that he does not have just one tattoo but 35 other tattoos on his body. Sunny also sports another such interesting tattoo which he got made to pay his tribute to the international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

We respect Sunny Sehrawat for his tattoo for Virat. We wish Virat Kohli a very Happy Birthday and hope his fans keep loving him this ardently.

The other side of Virat Kohli’s Tattoos:

Till now we told you about the tattoo of Virat’s fan, but now we bring to you an interesting fact about the tattoos one gets to see on Virat Kohli’s body.

In total, Virat has a number of eight tattoos on his body, out of which one is incomplete. Now, what is interesting is that Virat is getting some work done on that incomplete tattoo and once that is done, Virat’s total number of tattoos will reduce to just three. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, we wait for the day when Virat will share this news or some picture of his showing us the complete tattoo and making his fans fall in love with him even more.