New Delhi: Ill-struck Manchester United which has been suffering immense disappointments under the guidance of manager Jose Mourinho trudged through another bog when they suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of Fenerbahce. 

As expected, Manchester United fans that were long on the edge of their seat did not react kindly to the defeat. Manchester United’s defeat in the Europa League has left the hope of making out into the knockout stages unpredictable – a situation which is not akin to one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Fans of Manchester United are now calling for removal of Jose Mourinho and the return of Sir Alex Ferguson. Many took to Twitter to vent their anger on the matter and said that ‘Fergie’ should be brought back in place of Jose Mourinho. One user posted a picture of his dog sitting on the stove which was captioned, “Sack Mourinho or I will kill my dog.”

Manchester United, albeit being one of the most expensive squads in football, has failed to impress in their recent games.