New Delhi: Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he wanted to play ‘exactly like’ Brazil’s Ronaldo when he was young.

The Swedish national said that he was inspired by Ronaldo’s performance in the 1998 World Cup final who is one of the top scorers in football history.

Ibrahimovic, who has played for Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, is similar in regards to Ronaldo who has played with Barca, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

“I think Ronaldo was phenomenal,” he told United Review.

“He was the player that whatever he did it became wow! He could do a difficult thing and it became magic. He would take the ball and it was like him saying ‘I’ll take care of it now’. You didn’t have that kind of football player before and you don’t have it today. He doesn’t exist.”

“As a young player I watched him and said to myself ‘I want to be exactly like that’… the player who makes the difference, the shining light, simple as that,” said Zlatan.

It’s all about the balance but if I can choose one maybe the World Cup when France won against Brazil because Ronaldo was playing obviously so you want to watch and Zidane was playing so you want to watch.

“These are the kind of players you want to watch.”