Boston: The all-conquering World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Brock Lesnar will go one-on-one with the legendary Goldberg in the upcoming Survivor Series.

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg last clashed in the Wrestlemania XX and it was a fight worth remembering. On Sunday night Raw, both stars stepped into the ring again and were face-to-face after 12 long years. It was just a verbal feud between the two that evening and both of them made their presence felt to the WWE fan base.

There is a high level of anticipation for Survivor Series among fans and the main event of Goldberg-Lesnar is sure going to steal the show.

Goldberg parted ways with WWE due to some personal differences with the management after he established himself as the most feared wrestler of his time. Brock Lesnar, who also made a comeback after eight years, is one ruthless fighter who is known for his unforgiving wrestling style. A match between these two living legends will be one to watch.